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[Exclusive] ‘Hellrasier: The Dark Watch #3 Covers Reveal

BOOM Studios is gearing up for a reboot of their ongoing Hellraiser comic series, with “The Dark Watch” #1 set for release in February. The series will see a new ruler in Hell as both Kirsty Cotton and Elliott Spencer have given up their ranks. With “Witch Doctor” writer Brandon Seifert on board with Clive Barker, we’re hoping this fresh series will deliver some hellbound horror. Check out the smoking cover art below for issue #3 (*possible spoilers if you look for it*).

WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker, Brandon Seifert
ART BY: Tom Garcia
COVERS: Nick Percival, Sami Makkonen, Conzpiracy Digital Arts
PRICE: $3.99

One must volunteer, or Hell will choose for itself. The two most recent Hell Priests are missing — Kirsty Cotton and Elliott Spencer have abdicated their thrones, and there is someone new in their place. Did this new leader choose the role? How will Leviathan respond? Clive Barker, Brandon Seifert, and Tom Garcia continue to usher in the next chapter of HELLRAISER!



  • Michael_M

    The second image features both Pinhead and a similarly transformed female cenobite. Admittedly, I haven’t read any of the previous Hellraiser comics so I’m not familiar with how their storylines differ from the films and original novel.

    But Pinhead is such an iconic figure that depicting a female version suggests that this is a type of cenobite, akin to race, which in my opinion dilutes Pinhead’s status.

    The appeal of the lore of the Hellraiser universe is that each individual’s transformation was unique. Though we don’t specifically know why they were changed, since they were all markedly different we have an innate sense that it was influenced by factors in their lives at the time they encountered the puzzle box. I don’t think any of us imagines being Pinhead. What we do imagine, if only subconsciously, is how we would fit into this world and join the cenobites in their work.

    Since the image is based on the Grant Wood painting American Gothic, this suggests that Pinhead sought a mate and that his cenobite bride was made in his image; an Adam and Eve scenario. Though interesting, this conflicts with my understanding of the cenobites. They are “explorers in the further regions of experience, demons to some angels to others.” They exist solely to experiment with the lives of humans.

    To the extent that the comics might digress from that and propose a desire for family takes the story in a direction that I can’t imagine being successful. Would they also want to have children? As cenobites such emotional and physical impulses were thought to be eliminated.

    But it’s written by Clive so can I really complain? Hell yes. I guess we’ll find out. Anybody a particular fan of the comics?

    • Lonmonster

      I read all of the previous series. The female Pinhead depicted is Kirsty Cotton, who swapped roles with Pinhead as head cenobite (leader of hell), hence why she bears the same Pinhead look rather than her own.

      Based on the past series and Seifert’s other work, I don’t think there will be a Pinhead family (I really, really hope not at least).

      The series started off really strong but digressed as it came to a close, which is why they are rebooting it, to get it back on track. I’m really excited to see where the team takes this one, it’s definitely worth the cash.

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