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18 Human Heads Shipped Through O’Hare Airport Ain’t No Thang

Being that the base for Bloody Disgusting is in Chicago, both Tom and myself thought this was a pretty bizarre story that earned sharing.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 18 severed heads were discovered by police at the busy O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. It is being downplayed by local media.

The 18 human head specimens that arrived at O’Hare International Airport from Rome just before Christmas were on their way to a research facility in the Chicago suburbs — a facility that is “under investigation,” a source told the Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday morning. More inside.

Officials initially said a paperwork problem prevented the shipment from being delivered to its final destination, but the Sun-Times has learned that the hold-up is connected to an ongoing investigation at the suburban facility in question. The investigation is “absolutely not” connected to the shipment of the heads, the source said.

They were properly preserved and tagged as human specimens,” said Tony Brucci, chief investigator for the medical examiner’s office.

Brucci said U.S. Customs officials at O’Hare initially held up the shipment, when they found the paperwork to be “a little confusing.” Then the containers were X-rayed, and that’s when officials discovered what was inside, Brucci said.



  • The Wolfman

    I guess that explains why I haven’t received my delivery confirmation yet.

  • djblack1313

    is that a picture of the real heads? if it IS, you could/should at least put a warning up saying that they are real. not everyone likes to see real corpses/severed heads. just sayin’. 🙂

    • Incinerated

      Can’t be real. There’s no coins over the eyes.

      I wonder what they’re under investigation for. Maybe they’ve seen the fictional Re-Animator too many times and have quite literally gone Beyond Re-Animator to make it a reality.

  • Joe-Banger

    To the experienced eye such as mine those heads are definately fake. And I mean I have seen wax heads like those pictured above not real human heads. I almost forgot we live in an age now where you have to watch everything you say. Its funny yesterday morning I was watching “8 heads in a duffel bag” and I thought it would be funny if someone tried bringing fake heads through an airport like above. Why are the authorities investigating these fake heads? Because our government and police have nothing better to do with their time! I wish I tried this just for fun!

  • Canucklehead

    Confirms that O’Hare gives head(s)?

  • flesheater24

    I fuckin told you the govt was making zombie where’s Jeffrey Combs when you need him 😛

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