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Slenderman Inspired ‘Huntsman: The Orphanage’ Aims To Scare Us Without Using Blood And Gore



Yes, Huntsman: The Orphanage is another Slenderman inspired video game. Now before you write it off as another game in a growing list of indie horror titles that aim to capitalize on Slendy’s recent surge in popularity, you should know that this one looks amazing. For starters, it won’t have guns or gore, which I’m very happy to see in this era of quad-wielding and strategic dismemberment. So far, it’s the only Slenderman game I’ve seen that doesn’t actually feature Slenderman — instead its antagonist is a similar supernatural being called the Huntsman.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Slendy and the Huntsman are related. I base this theory on the fact that they both partake in the intensely creepy hobby of abducting people, and also because they each share a dapper sense of style. If I’m going to be abducted, I want the thing that whisks me away to some horrible torture realm to be well dressed.

Huntsman is among the top ten games on Steam Greenlight right now, so if you’d like to see it greenlit, I suggest voting for it here. More after the break!

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