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More Horror? Lionsgate Adds A Low Budget Feature Division

This could be very, very good news for horror filmmakers adept at pinching pennies. And even better news for fans who want more demanding fare (the lower the budget, the lower the compromise – sometimes).

After seeing the profit margins of Paramount’s micro-budget shingle, Paramount Insurge (The Devil Inside), Lionsgate is making a point of getting into the micro-budget business, Per Variety. They’ve slotted in John Sacchi (exec producer on The Possession and the My Bloody Valentine remake) to oversee the new arm which will make horror films and comedies budgeted under $2.5 Million.

Lionsgate (now partnered with Summit) has a strong genre year coming up already with films like Warm Bodies, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and You’re Next. So far the new division has not been named.




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