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[Sundance ’13] Early Reviews For ‘S-VHS’ Come Tracking In!!

S-VHS official still

S-VHS, the latest V/H/S project, had its world premiere last night at Park City’s Library Center Theatre during the Sundance 2013 Film Festival. When I woke up this morning, I was pretty thrilled to find that my twitter feed was filled with glowing chatter about the film, some of it even from critics who didn’t like the original V/H/S all that much.

Now, we are NEVER going to do an official review this film on this site. But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share what other people are saying. The general consensus is that this is a much more solid film than the original (some are saying it’s leaps and bounds better). It’s definitely shorter, gorier and bigger.

This latest tape features the works of Gareth Evans (The Raid) & Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre), Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly) & Gregg Hale, Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun), Adam Wingard (You’re Next, A Horrible Way To Die) and Simon Barrett (You’re Next, A Horrible Way To Die), the latter of which will be making his directorial debut on the film.

Head inside for a sample of what the critics are saying (and no, I’m not “only picking the good ones”).

From Drew McWeeny at HitFix (Review Here): “Gareth Evans is the man behind “The Raid,” and Timo Tjahjanto made the deeply upsetting “Macabre,” and evidently what happens when you put the two of them together is they make a movie that provides more character depth than most full-length features in the genre, a gigantic idea in terms of scale, and a lesson in just how much terror you can take before you reach your breaking point…let me say, there is a sustained crescendo of horror in this segment that is one of the most dazzling, disturbing, aggressive sequences ever choreographed for the movies.

From Devin Faraci at Badass Digest (Review Here): “…they fixed almost everything wrong with the first movie and delivered an anthology whose worst segment qualifies as pretty damn good. And it’s best segment? Almost transcendentally great… S-VHS is clever and fun and effective, but most of all it’s really fucking good.

From Sam Zimmerman at Fangoria (Review Here): “S-VHS is a rare breed of anthology in which every segment is not only good, but cracking with creativity, even. And lots and lots and lots of blood.

From Germain Lussier at Slashfilm (Review Here): “the formula from the first film, streamlined it and pushed the envelope even further. What remains is not only a horror anthology better than the original, but proof positive this franchise has some serious legs.” There’s also a video review here, and a contributor Ethan Anderton seems to prefer the original V/H/S in terms of scares.

Headline For Drew Taylor’s somewhat mixed review at Indiewire (Review Here): “‘S-VHS’ Is An Uneven, Occasionally Thrilling Sequel To The Horror Anthology

From Chris Bumbray at JoBlo (Review Here): “ While I enjoyed the first VHS, it can’t be denied that S-VHS is certainly a big step forward, and if the franchise continues, I could see them getting bigger and bigger. That said, S-VHS is really not for the faint of heart.




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