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Rob Liefeld’s ‘Icons’ Film Script About Image Comics

The infamous Rob Liefeld gave DreamMovieCast an exclusive look at his screenplay for Icons, a films that chronicles the rise of Image Comics. Outside of his social media disputes and comics life, Liefeld has been working on the 100-page script and pondering which actors he feels would be best portray the comic creators in his film. To plays himself, he picks none other than dream boy Chris Pine. Yeah. Wait until you read the rest of his casting picks.

The script excerpt (see below) shows a lot of dialogue, hating on Marvel, and a guest appearance by Easy-E. Ultimately, it doesn’t seem to reveal anything we didn’t already know about Liefeld’s life and his opinions on the industry.

Rob Liefeld’s Casting Picks:

Christian Bale is Todd McFarlane
Chris Pine is Rob Liefeld
Geoffrey Arend is Jim Valentino
Joe Mangeniello is Marc Silvestri
Rob Corddry is Erik Larsen
John Cho is Jim Lee
Richard Jenkins is Larry Marder
Tony Sirico is Tom DeFalco
Dabney Coleman is Terry Stewart



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