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‘ROAM’ Could Very Well Be The Zombie Defense Game Of My Dreams

When I was young I had a massive collection of Legos, and one of the stories I liked to play out was all about zombies. I’d build a small town with survivors trapped inside, even going so far as to barricade the windows and doors, and surrounding each of the buildings was a horde of the undead. It was so much fun, so you can understand my despair when I had to pause my game the other day so I could go to work. ROAM is an ambitious indie horror game that promises to let me do all of the above, only in delicious video game form.

Essentially, it’s a survival game. Your goal is to survive against the undead, and to do this you’ll need to scavenge supplies so you can build and fortify a base to hold out in. More after the break.

Here’s a recent update the team posted about how they’re handling crafting in the game. It looks like they’ve done a fantastic job in streamlining the process so you have a wide array of options without having to memorize numerous recipes and combinations.

Here’s a look at the many enemies you’ll come across. Like any good zombie game you’ll be fighting both zombies and hostile humans, such as bandits. ROAM will be taking a page out of many other recent zombie games by throwing special monsters at you as well. They’re your standard fare — Screamers alert nearby zombies, Tanks can take as much damage as they can dish out, etc. However, they are trying some interesting things with the enemies by introducing mutations, such as acidic blood, acrobatics (so the monsters can leap over the barricade you just threw down), and radiation auras that can sicken nearby survivors. To make matters worse, these mutations can be combined, so you could find yourself battling irradiated gymnast zombies that spew their acid blood all over your face.

You can learn more about ROAM on the game’s Kickstarter page and its official website.

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