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‘Maniac’ UK Quad Warns You Not To Go Out Tonight!

While we’ve already shared the opening 6 minutes of Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac, which was named my #1 horror film of 2012, we now have a look at the film’s UK quad poster, courtesy of Empire. The film is still awaiting a US release, but UK readers get tp enjoy this immediate classic on March 15.

In the film reviewed here, “Elijah Wood plays the role of a serial killer who works at a shop that sells antique mannequins. He finds victims on the Internet and stalks them like prey, all the while suffering from hallucinations that throw him back into the past, when he was abused by his own mother. In his twisted mind, he gains a measure of revenge against his mother with each kill.

IFC is set to release the remake of William Lustig’s classic 1980 slasher here in the States.




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