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Capcom’s Working On Figuring Out Why ‘Resident Evil 6’ Fell Short Of Expectations

So far, five million copies of Resident Evil 6 have sold worldwide, and for most games such an impressive number would be a huge success. The high development costs and even higher hopes Capcom had for the title, that isn’t the case, as it comes about two million short of their expectations. So what went wrong? Why, poor marketing, of course.

We believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans, and other activities.” Capcom told investors during a recent Q&A.

They also mention “development challenges” as another possible cause for the title’s falling short of expectations.

I enjoyed the game, but I understand the issues a majority of fans have with it, so I’ll help narrow the possible causes down a bit: Resident Evil 6 was bloated.

It tried to do everything, and in doing so, the overall quality of each individual campaign suffered. They tried to appeal to as many fans as possible, and that resulted in three campaigns that felt totally different from each other. I loved Leon’s campaign, but I probably won’t ever return to the other two.

Oh, and quick-timed events. Yeah, no more of those, please.

That reboot sure sounds good, huh?

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  • ThunderDragoon

    This had quick-timed events? Ugh, I hate those. I can’t tell you how many chances it took me to get past that Krauser cutscene the first time I played RE4 lol. Still haven’t got the chance to play RE6, but hopefully really soon.

  • GreigShelob

    It had too many quick-time events. It also had the same boss fights over and over again, too much concentration on the action, bad controls and an intertwining story that didn’t satisfy at all. Oh, and Helena Harper. She was more annoying than Sheva, at least she did actually help in the story whereas Helena was just a liability that Leon somehow trusted even through all her stupidity.

    The one good thing it had? Slightly better partner AI that doesn’t need ammo all the time.

  • AfterTheAsylum

    Every time I see an RE title with Capcom trying to think, I can’t help but shake my head. Here is a novel idea: how about the reason is that, Capcom, you’ve pissed off fans for multiple games now and they have finally decided to trust their gut instincts and not buy your RE titles knowing you are just going to continue disappointing them. If you want answers, listen to your fans. They have been screaming at you for years. You are using the same minds to find the problem as the ones who created it. You can’t solve this internally. Listen to your damn fanbase.

  • “Why did RE6 fall short of expectations?”

    Why did Capcom even try going after the Call of Duty audience when that franchise already included a FPS zombie mode (one I might add that was more successful than Resident Evil’s attempts at it)?

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