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Rebellion’s Mystery Horror Project Is A Sniper Elite Spin-Off Called ‘Nazi Zombie Army’

Well, that was fun while it lasted. If you haven’t seen the multiple teaser videos Rebellion has posted on their Youtube (you can find them here and here), they were for a mysterious horror project. It looks like my original conclusion was the correct one, as the game has been revealed to be a “horror” spin-off of Sniper Elite V2 called Nazi Zombie Army. Hear that? That’s the sound of all my interest going out the window. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a zombie game, but they’re big right now, so there you go. If you’re still interested, feel free to watch the new trailer after the break.

Nazi Zombie Army will be available for pre-order on Steam tomorrow.

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  • Erebus Dirge

    Yeah I could pretty much tell from the get go this was going to be another zombie game. Still, had a look into the actual site and the initial set up looks pretty cool they’ve kept the x-ray bullet cam from sniper elite v2 , plus the fact that you can play co-op with another 3 people . Also got to say the Natzi-Occult thing works well with the zombie trope.The zombie who zombie thing in gaming especially has become over-saturated,need to start looking at other classic monsters instead.

  • Erebus Dirge

    Sorry for the double post but I also forgot to say – Weak fucking title.. Natzi Zombie Army. Really? Did they come up with that at the last minute or what? I mean at least try , Ghoul-steppers or The Gravest Hour would do anything that employs just a little of imagination.A little bit insulting to the consumer to state the name as that simplistic.

  • ljbad

    When they just ripped off Freddy’s creepy chant for their other teaser I lost all hope that this game would have any originality or creativity. And there you go. Just look at the title.

    Of course, now the Freddy teaser makes even less sense. On a side note, I did think the sniper elite v2 demo was fun game, even if it wasn’t very memorable, so this game will probably be at least mildly entertaining. I just wish they could come up with something besides zombies and guns.

    • Adam Dodd

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Laugh Riot

    At least you can play as busty female vampire that carries cannons, a butler who fights using razor wire or a male vampire dressed in red using over sized pistols. Right??? That’s totally original….. : ) lol

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