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Exclusive: Tim Riggins Fights A Killer Near ‘Exit 147’

Actor Taylor Kitsch, aka Tim Riggins, can’t seem to catch a break. The star of “Friday Night Lights” had a potential breakthrough summer, only to take a big hit when films such as Battleship and John Carter were rightfully panned by critics. Still, we here at Bloody Disgusting are huge fans of the up-and-coming actor, and are even more excited that he’s about to star in a new serial killer thriller from Mandalay Vision.

Bloody has exclusive word that Kitsch, pictured, is attached to topline Exit 147, which is to be directed by Julian Jarrold.

From a screenplay by Travis Milloy (Pandorum), the horror-thriller is about a man driving across the desert at night who is arrested by a small town sheriff (Kitsch) and held captive as part of his own sadistic game.

Jarrold is best known for directing Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974.




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