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Slenderman Inspired ‘Huntsman: The Orphanage’ Among Newest Batch Of Greenlit Games On Steam

It’s no secret that I’m super pumped for Shadow Shifters’ upcoming Slenderman inspired indie horror game Huntsman: The Orphanage. It’s creepy, atmospheric, and brings with it a unique twist on the Slenderman subgenre that doesn’t revolve around collecting pages. It also has a mesmerizing Scottish caretaker that I’d very much like to have read me bedtime stories every night until the Huntsman comes and takes me away.

Earlier today Valve announced the fifth batch of titles that have been greenlit on Steam, including Huntsman: The Orphanage, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, and several others you can find after the break. The team behind Huntsman are currently working on getting a playable demo that should be out soon.

Anodyne – The two-man development team behind Anodyne recently gave away the game on Pirate Bay, sparking a huge surge in votes and attention from the community and press.

Distance – Featured in PCGamer’s ‘best PC games of 2013 and successfully funded on Kickstarter, Distance is a unique survival racing game where you boost, jump, rotate, and even fly through a chaotic and twisted city.

Evoland – This journey through the history of action/adventure gaming caught our attention early on with their dramatic gameplay video and proved to also be a community favorite, getting voted up the charts in just a month.

Huntsman:The Orphanage – This unconventional survival-horror game has captured the interest of the community by showing a lot of detail, posting gameplay videos and responding frequently to fans.

Kingdom Rush – This highly rated tower-defense mobile game comes to PC and Mac, exciting the gaming press and picking up supporters across the Greenlight community.

Legends of Dawn – This open-world RPG has moved up the Greenlight charts quickly and steadily since being posted at the end of December. Along the way, they almost doubled their funding goal on Kickstarter.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – This retro zombie survival game brings you back to the days of gaming where your friends lived long enough to die of dysentery.

Receiver – Detailed FPS game that puts you in control of solving puzzles and the mechanics of operating your weapons.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 – This simulation game quickly climbed the charts with their free demo and hilariously tricky gameplay.

War Thunder – This World War II MMO has seen huge success in its open beta, already logging a half-million players and tens of millions of hours played, translating to a huge community of voters on Greenlight as well.

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