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The J’avo From ‘Resident Evil 6’ Has A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Some of the enemies in Resident Evil 6 may have bordered on comical — I’m looking at you, man with the giant chicken legs — but there were a few that were genuinely freaky. The basic enemy you come across in RE6 is the J’avo, a mutated, mostly-human creature that has freaky spider eyes and a fondness for sprouting fucking chicken legs. They’re ugly and I was always happy to put them down. Cosplayer Toten2 has taken the J’avo’s… unique face and brought it into the real world. The results are a little gross. Check him out after the jump!

For more of Toten2’s work, check out his gallery.

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  • doomas10

    I wouldn’t say freaky. Nothing creeped me out in this game. The boses were utterly ridiculous and the j’avo if they did not shout or run away really fast might have introduced a freaky bit – but most of them were wearing masks anyway. Despite my despise for RE6, there were a couple of original design ideas there but…they got smashed under the weight of people mutating into dinosaurs and giant flies etc! Or maybe I loved the series too much that…I am nitpicking everything?

  • djblack1313

    um, EXCUSE ME Adam but i’m not J’avo’s mother and i still love him!!! (joking! LOL). but that design on his face is pretty cool!

  • He really needs to blend his seams better. Otherwise it’s pretty good.

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