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Grab Some Popcorn And Turn Off The Lights, ‘The Slender Man’ Movie Is Here!



The Super Movie Bros. produced indie horror film The Slender Man has been made available online, because as its creator says, “The Slender Man belongs to the internet.” Slenderman started in a forum thread back in 2009 before going on to inspire several terrifying web series like Marble Hornets, to video games like Mark Hadley’s Slenderman: The Eight Pages, to films. He’s seen a bit of a renaissance in video games lately with numerous indie developers jumping on the success of Hadley’s indie horror hit. From the looks of it, this dapper creature may see a similar surge in popularity in films as well — just don’t confuse this with the other Slenderman movie that’s releasing this summer. I have the full movie waiting for you after the jump, just make sure your doors are locked before you press play.

The Slender Man was produced by Super Movie Bros.

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