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David Duchovny Tells Fans To Nag Fox For A Third “The X-Files” Movie

I’m constantly confused by David Duchovny’s obsession with his role on “The X-Files.” Typically, when a series ends, or a franchise falls flat on its face, the actors associated with it want nothing to do with it anymore.

Duchovny, as well as Gillian Anderson, are consistently using interview platforms to beg for another chance to play Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, respectively, once again.

We always want to,” Duchovny told Jay Leno in an interview on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show,” as reported by THR. “[Creator] Chris Carter and [co-star] Gillian Anderson and I, we’re always on board.

Duchovny, who has previously expressed interest in doing a third film, then encouraged fans to start a letter-writing campaign to the studio to make it happen. “You want to write Fox and get ’em going…,” he told the audience, adding: “You could wheel me [out]. I’ll play Fox Mulder forever.

His commitment to the franchise, which started way back in 1993, is refreshing. Yet, he’s killing it with Showtime’s “Californication,” and Anderson has no shortage of roles, so their obsession with recurring the roles that made them famous is a head-scratcher. “X-Files” aired on Fox for nine seasons, from 1993-2002, spawning two movies. 1998’s The X-Files: Fight the Future grossed about $189 million at the worldwide box office, but the horrendous 2008 sequel, subtitled I Want to Believe, earned only $68 million, according to Box Office Mojo. I’d love to see X-Files” live on, but only if they can do it right.



  • AHandsomeManAppears

    Loved the second film! I found it closer to what made the series great — atmosphere and intelligent themes — than the first movie.

    I’m praying for a third one to revisit the mythology, but something more subtle than Fight the Future.

    • djblack1313

      i agree. i thought the 2nd movie had tons of creepy atmosphere and some wonderfully fucked up storylines (the head/body transplant gender switch, for example).

  • djblack1313

    i’d love a 3rd movie with Duchovny (possible one of the worst “actors” ever) barely being in it. bring back Scully (AWESOME!), Reyes and Doggett.

  • Canucklehead

    Thanks Mr Duchovny but I don’t think I’m going to do that.

  • Kainrich

    I may catch hell for saying this from some of you Mulder lovers, but I’m hoping that if there ever is a third movie that they bring in Rob Patrick and Ann Gish to reprise Doggett and Reyes. They were pivotal in the last 2 seasons and, imo, brought life to a series turning stale.

    I’d love to see the 4 agents working together again.

    • AHandsomeManAppears

      Not so sure about Reyes, but I certainly agree about Doggett. Robert Patrick (and his character) were the best thing about seaons 8, which I love, and 9.

    • c-s-a78

      i fully agree.& reyes gave spice to the last 2 seasons.
      is it me or is there toooooo many law shows on tv in australia and thats all we get on all channles!the 90s had shows wich made you excited to tune in on the new episodes each week.x-files/american gothic & harsh realm,to name a few!

      • GreigShelob

        American Gothic was brilliant. Still can’t believe that got cancelled.

        Brimstone was another great series that was cancelled after only 13 episodes. Still waiting on that to appear on DVD.

        It’s a shame that programmes that take a break from the norm and offer something interesting and different are frowned upon by TV studios now.

  • Danny-E

    Nice to see the love for X-Files 2 I Want To Believe. I thought the movie was way better then Fight The Future. I would love to see an X-Files flick with the return of the Peacock Family. That would be awesome!!!!

  • Psycrow

    I would love to see another X-Files movie!!

  • MP Tufo

    I would love another X Files movie. I still watch the show on Netfilx.

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