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The ‘Evil Dead’ Films Ranked From Best To Worst!!!

I wanted to start Evil Dead Month off with a bang and I figured there’d be no better way to do that than to lay my cards out on the table and rank the films in my order of preference. And I’ll say it – I fully expect some of you to hate me after this, because I make one choice that I’m sure 99% of you won’t be down with.

But it all comes from a place of love. You see, I legitimately love this series and this includes the “weaker” installments as well. When I first saw Army Of Darkness in theaters, I had no idea that it was part of a franchise (let alone the one whose Evil Dead 2 print ad scared the hell out of me whenever I opened the paper in grade school). I just went because the TV ads looked cool, and I suppose I should thank the guy at the box office now – because there’s no way my friends and I looked old enough to get in.

Needless to say we loved Army, put two and two together that it was a sequel, and rented Evil Dead 2. That was a revelation. It was like the movies we were trying to make in our backyards, full of energy, weird camera shots and an idiosyncratic tone all its own. The only difference? Evil Dead 2 was amazing and our movies were terrible! Still, I remember the high that I got from watching it. That film connected with me on a level that few films had up until that pint.

So, with that bit of history and context, head inside for my Evil Dead Rankings!!!


I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Army Of Darkness, but I have to admit that I find it to be the weakest of these films. Not that it’s bad, mind you. It isn’t. In fact, for the first couple of reels it’s downright great. It starts off every bit as funny and exciting as some of the best parts of Evil Dead 2 and it handles the wider scope with aplomb. But it always starts to deflate for me at the 27 minute mark, around the time Ash enters the mill. I can’t stand the “little Ashes” for some reason, and even though the idea of a “bad Ash” is interesting in a thematic sense, it’s not explored deeply enough to justify extending this sequence to the 6 or 7 minute mark.

While Army Of Darkness regains its footing towards the end with its massive battle, it never fully learns how to make the medieval setting engage Ash in an interesting way beyond its initial “fish out of water” conceit. Again, I’m not slamming the movie. I’m just saying that what starts out as an “A+” effort eventually ends up as more of a “B-“.


Ok, this is where I lose a lot of you guys. You may even hate me for it – but hear me out first. I pretty much consider Drag Me To Hell to be an Evil Dead film. Sure it doesn’t have Ash (nether does the remake, of course) nor does it take place in a cabin (or in a rural environment for that matter). Oh, and it’s PG-13, which automatically makes it suck, right? Not so. This is one of the best horror movies of the last 10 years and it’s certainly one of the most fun. It manages to capture so much of the Evil Dead tone and spirit that it deserves its place as an honorary member of the franchise. Sure, it might not be as fun to watch poor Alison Lohman be tortured as it is to see Bruce Campbell get put through the ringer, but it’s close!

I’d feel guilty about further explaining my feelings on this without quoting Devin Faraci – who made the point first in his review, “You can stop asking Sam Raimi when he’s going to make Evil Dead 4. He’s already done it… once you see a psychic’s assistant get possessed and do that familiar Deadite dance, you’ll know that this film takes place in the same universe where the Necronomicon Ex Mortiis can open the portal between the living and the dead or send a hapless hero back in time. And that universe is the madness inside Sam Raimi’s 

I agree with every word of that. How about you?


While it’s not as comedic by any stretch, much of what works in The Evil Dead made its way into Evil Dead 2. It has the same charm, stemming largely from the fact that it’s constructed by a bunch of early 20-somethings who just wanted to make something. A lot of the most inspired music comes from people who didn’t read the instruction manuals for their instruments, and the same could be said for what happened here. Raimi wasn’t a film student, but an English major with an itch. He’d been shooting Super 8 films since childhood and here you get the playful sense of someone operating on gut instinct. While this film’s ability to scare has diminished somewhat with age, it’s never less than a blast to watch.


The one that made the biggest impression on me as a youth still holds up today. Not only is it a remarkable film but, more often than not, it’s what people have in mind when they refer to the Evil Dead franchise. It has an inspired sense of lunacy that threatens to careen off the rails at any moment, and yet it’s 100% cinematic. While it’s largely a comedy, it has plenty of gore and even manages to raise the stakes for its supporting characters – you actually feel for the likes of Bobby Joe. After making Crimewave, Sam Raimi returned to the franchise with chops to spare. And, of course, there’s Bruce Campbell giving one of the most physically inspired (and surely exhausting) performances in the history of horror.

What about you? How would you rank the Evil Dead films?



  • dr.lamb

    I would say:
    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Evil Dead
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Drag me to Hell (if you want that included)

    All in all, a pretty solid trilogy. Agree with your point on Army of Darkness, while it is great it does not live up to No 2. Love the little Ashes, though.

  • EvilAshTwin

    wrong wrong wrong.

    It should go like this:
    1. Army of Darkness
    2. Evil Dead 2
    3. Evil Dead
    4. Drag me to hell (thou i dont inculded this one personally think has very littel if nothing to do with evil dead)

    Army of Darkness is the only reason why this franchise lives on it has such a cult following its crazy. Evil dead 1 and 2 are great becasue of what they did for horror. But its AOD which made Bruce Campbell. People will disagree with me but I enjoy AOD the most and it probably the only film of the 3 i can watch over and over again and not get bored.

    • EvanDickson

      @EvilAshTwin I agree that Campbell is fantastic in it.

  • Joe-Banger

    I agree with dr.lamb.

  • Danny-E

    1. Evil Dead – actual horror flick.
    2. Evil Dead 2 – Comedy horror flick.
    3. Army Of Darkness – Comedy
    4. Drag Me To Hell – awful.

    • EvanDickson

      @Danny-E I totally respect that. I know DRAG seems to get a lot of hate, I’m curious why a lot of people don’t like it.

      • dr.lamb

        Neither the horror nor the comedy worked. You could see the end coming from a mile.
        Sam Raimi lost his mojo after those bland Spiderman-films.

      • divisionbell

        It was poorly written, acted and just generally stupid. But not in the same fun way that evil dead was. Somehow it was just weak. Despite a great opening and finale, it was just shlocky and annoying. The main girl was just awful. Solid premise, incredibly weak presentation. I really wanted to like it.

        Personally I agree with Danny’s list.

      • Danny-E

        Evan, DMTH is just a silly movie. Bad cartoon CGI gags and just overall goofy. I actually think Raimi is probably one of the most overrated directors. To me A SIMPLE PLAN is his best feature and that movie still has flaws. Not as good as the book. I’m just not a fan of goofy, slapstick horror.

        • ill_mindedd

          i agree, i respect what he did with the first evil dead. cause its a CLASSIC. but he never really matched its success.

      • Michael_M

        The image chosen to accompany the DMTH ranking is one of the best examples of why the movie was bad. The character was possessed and levitated into the air. As I recall he may also have spoken in the voice of a demon. This is taken directly from a scene in ED 2. If you recycle scenes from your own previous movies then your creative output is in decline.

      • shutupanplay

        I thought “Drag me to Hell” captured the essence of evil dead and was a true reflection on Sam Raimi’s sense of humor. The movie hard similar editing and directing as Evil Dead 2.

    • Nightflyre9

      Danny-E, I agree completely. My rankings are exactly the same.

    • Hollywood-Tiffin

      Couldn’t have said it better myself man!

  • Joe-Banger

    Because Drag was a drag. Not funny or scary.

  • ThunderDragoon

    1. Drag Me to Hell
    2. Evil Dead
    3. Evil Dead 2
    4. Army of Darkness

    As you can tell, I’m not a big Evil Dead fan in general and I thought the films decreased in quality as they went on. No need to burn me at the stake, I guess I’m just not a big fan of how much comedy got injected into the franchise after the first. For me, too much comedy can ruin a good horror/comedy. Just my opinion. And I’m sure the remake will take the top spot for me when it comes out. If it’s even half as good as the trailer, anyway.

  • djblack1313

    for me it’s

    1. THE EVIL DEAD (original)
    2. EVIL DEAD (remake. i already know i love it!)
    3. THE EVIL DEAD 2

    i hate DRAG ME and i HATE hate ARMY OF DARKNESS.

    • CorbinRaven

      I completely agree with you on this djblack! The original is by far one of my favorite Horror films of all time, and that’s exactly why I will go so far as to put the remake at number 2. In fact, I actually believe I will love it just as much as the original, so I might just have them both at the top. Hahaha! Anyways, Evil Dead 2 was an extremely entertaining film, although it wasn’t as scary. I still thought the comedy, acting, and presentation was excellent! I will never place Drag Me To Hell anywhere near this franchise because it does not work. There are no deadites. There are just some silly demons summoned for revenge. It should have been rated R, and it should have been actually scary. Meanwhile, Army of Darkness was way too cheesy for me. I like the one liners and the memes from the film. However, it could have been a lot better than how it ended up.

  • DeathValzer

    1. Army of Darkness
    2. The Evil Dead
    3. Drag Me to Hell (according from this article)
    4. Evil Dead 2
    (Though i think every one of ’em is a goddamn masterpiece)

  • viking1983

    my order would be
    1.evil dead 2 of darkness
    3.evil dead
    4.within the woods

    drag me to hell doesn’t belong on the list, it’s not an evil dead film, although it was a good horror film

  • Kroork

    I love them all, but if i had to put them in order ,
    I would say

    1) evil dead ( remake, I too already know i will love it )
    2) evil dead 2
    3) the evil dead (original)
    4) drag me to hell
    5) army of darkness

    • djblack1313

      Kroork, HELL YES!!!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    1. Evil Dead
    2. Evil Dead 2
    3. Drag me to he’ll
    4. Army of Darkness

    I also don’t understand the hate for ‘Drag me to hell’, there really wasn’t anything “bad” about it, it was a very fun movie with loads of action and Raimi’s signature over the top scares. I do, however, hate ‘Army’ because it took things to a ridiculous comedic level; people don’t really consider it an actual horror movie do they? Perhaps if I’d have watched ‘Army’ more as a kid there would be more of a nostalgic element there, but watching it now as an adult, without any actual scares or creepy atmosphere, there’s just comedy -comedy that didn’t stand the test of time; I don’t find it at all funny.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      hell not he’ll* – stupid auto-correct on phone.

    • shutupanplay

      I’m with you WalkingDeadGuy… your list and what you said.

  • joe666

    Shame on you Evan. Shaaaame!
    You guys mention Drag me to hell as an Evil Dead movie and you forgot about Within the Woods? It was the real first Evil Dead?

    • VampireJack

      Glad someone else noticed that….

    • viking1983

      read my comment further up, I included within the woods

  • Lonmonster

    I agree with everything Evan wrote. Army of Darkness is without a doubt the worst film of the series.

  • Rej2012

    1.Evil dead (straight horror n scary)
    2. Drag me to hell (straight horror, scary and little comedy)
    3. Evil dead 2 (Comedy)
    4. Army of darkness (Comedy)

    If no one agrees then watch videos on youtube of Bruce Campbell and sam raimi! They even agree that rest were comedy but the first evil dead was intentionally made to be a scary movie.

    Which I agree that it was scary I watched it when I was 8 years old and it traumatized me since then lol

  • menoch

    1. Evil Dead (the original)
    2. Evil Dead (remake) hopefully

    And that’s it. Not being a big fan of Horror comedies, especially when the comedy over rides the horror which is exactly what happened in the two sequels. And ‘Drag Me to Hell’ bleh! All I kept hearing was what a “fun” horror film it was, sorry, I don’t want my horror films to be fun! And my other big complaint against it, we always hear horror films being bagged for not having likeable characters yet DMTH has one of the most un-likeable characters as its lead and gets a free pass!

  • Mucey

    I haven’t seen Drag Me To Hell, but Evil Dead is easily the best of the lot. I didn’t really care much for Evil Dead 2 and I hated Army of Darkness. The remake looks like it may live up to the original’s creepiness.

  • xxxwolf666

    Although I like Evil Dead better than Evil Dead II, Evil Dead II is more watchable. The first one can drag a little and the lack of soundtrack in places (for dramatic effect, I assume) makes me impatient while watching it. Dont get me wrong, I love the first but I really do agree with Evan on this list, including Drag Me to Hell’s placement. I was watching part of Army today on cable and I really don’t find the mini Ashs’ and the Ash double (and the skeleton hands, gags, etc.) to be very entertaining. It was a biy silly the first time I saw it but now its like (very like)an old three stooges movie; you can really only watch a little of it and get a half smirk at best.

  • c-s-a78

    why didn’t they make EVIL DEAD 4!!!to continue from the end of army of darkness.

  • Rej2012

    Is the new evil dead starting in sxsw today?
    I read it in a article that it’s starting today? If so, I hope there’s good reviews about 🙂

  • VampireJack

    1 THE EVIL DEAD – Favourite movie EVER.
    2 EVIL DEAD 2

    But, it’s like asking me which of my 5 kids are my favourite.
    I love ’em all for different reasons but I couldn’t live without any of them.

  • Canucklehead

    Army of Darkness rocks it. Drag Me to Hell was very enjoyable but it’s not quite in the same ballpark. ED2 was like a more polished version of the first film.

  • sascha henschel

    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Army of Darkness
    3. Evil Dead
    4. Drag me to hell
    (5. Within the Woods)

    I think the remake will become the best, but according to originality and time it’ll be set behind Evil Dead 2.

  • Julian Nunez

    1. The Evil Dead
    2. Army of Darkness
    3. The Evil Dead 2

    I think the reason i like the first movie more is because it’s more horror than the rest. I also prefer Army a little bit more than ED2 because i found it to be extremely entertaining.

    Also I watched DMTH a long time ago so i don’t really remember it that much, but i think i liked it.

  • I’ve watched “Drag Me to Hell” about ten times and I love the film. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a lot of fun. I honestly think the first “Evil Dead” is kind of a dud. Yes, I understand it’s influence and I get all of that; it’s spawned a whole hell of a lot of films due to certain things Raimi did. There are memorable scenes and of course the awesome cinematography has influenced horror films ever since. But I still think the movie is almost painful to sit through. “Evil Dead 2,” however, is the most fun I’ve ever had while watching a horror flick, and it showed me for the first time as a young kid that horror movies didn’t all have to be serious, and that a director could basically poke fun at himself and the genre he loves and still pay a huge tribute to it, and his first production. “Army of Darkness” is okay for the most part; I love the one-liners and the Deadite in the water scene is pretty awesome, but I’m with Evan in that it starts to lose it’s grasp as a good film after the half hour mark. My ranking would be (per this article’s inclusion of “DMTH”):
    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Drag Me to Hell
    3. Evil Dead
    4. Army of Darkness
    I’ve got high hopes for the newest film hitting in April, and by the looks of all the trailers, I think we’re all in for an amazing experience unlike anything we’ve had in the horror community for while now (well, at least theatrical release wise–there are some absolute gems sneaking in under the radar as of late).

  • ghostslasher13

    1. Evil Dead 2- Its has creepy moments and its funny.
    2. Evil Dead – Theres really no comedy to be had except for all of the bookshelves that Bruce is thrown into lol.
    3, Army of Darkness- Honestly I watch this probably every two weeks. It was my first film to watch of the series and made me seek out the others. While it is not as strong as the other films it is a pure fun film.
    4. Drag Me To Hell- I loved this film it stradles the same line as Evil Dead 2. Its also a film that will be loved alot more as time passes by.

  • AndrewSoukup24

    I don’t know if its beacause the original Evil Dead came out before I was born and Evil Dead 2 when I was 2 but I watched them recently and I was not impressed at all…not even the nastalgia factor was enough for me to enjoy…would never watch any of the films again….just my opinion.

  • Scorpionsy

    How could anyone of you “horror fans” not put the Original The Evil Dead on the top of the list?!!!? This is about horror…and there is no HORROR movie like the first Evil Dead (and hopefully the remake).

    Evil Dead 2 is the next best one…it took the elements of horror and story of part one and retold them in the first few minutes then added dark humor to it. That is fine and all but it is not PURE horror like the first one. Don’t get me wrong…it is Scary but they really should have left out the dark comedy. I mean since when did Deadites have GREEN blood?!!! Yes, they spew milky-white stuff, and some greening bile stuff…and insects (for whatever reason) etc… but they are mainly full of RED BLOOD!! Evil Dead 2 was still a great movie.

    Army of Darkness was awesome as a fun “continuation of the Ash” storyline movie…but it was NOT HORROR at all…it was more like a parody of Horror…it was like they decided to keep the comedy from Evil Dead 2 and take out they horror (hence the rating of the movie…the studio execs also did not want Raimi to go all out horror…so I do not fully blame him). This was like a Medeival Indiana Jones style adventure movie with comedy and supernatural elements. But this is NO horror movie. I love AOD still since it is part of the trilogy and is a fun comdey/adventure movie to watch…but it is on the bottom of my list. I still don’t know why they did not keep the original title of “THE MEDIEVAL DEAD” instead…but I guess they really did want this as a standalone movie aimed at a different type of audience.

    AOD, I agree, definitely made Bruce Campbell the pop-culture icon who he is as he gradually got more hollywood-style Hero type (with an attitude) as the series progressed. But that shows you that the fans are not really Horror fans…they just really liked Ash in AOD (then they went on and watched Evil Dead 2 after that…and some never watched the first Evil Dead..which is a shame).

    So, in fact I enjoyed Drag Me to Hell (it should have been named Dragged To Hell…since it is not by choice for the poor star to choose to go to hell). I actually like it more that Army of Darkness as a horror/comedy…it is the same Raimi style from Evil Dead 2.

    So my list is as Follows:

    1- The Evil Dead (the original) [you can add the remake since it looks like it will be awesome as a tie]

    2- Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

    3 – Drag Me to Hell [aka for me as: Dragged to Hell 😉 ]

    4- Army of Darkness (aka: The Medieval Dead)

    News flash: This is really exciting if he goes back to the roots…but then we have 2 parallel Evil Dead universes???

    While doing press for Oz The Great and Powerful, director Sam Raimi was asked if the film was going to happen by Bleeding Cool, and he gave a very surprising response…

    “I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.”

    So since this is a script at least there is a hope to have this turned from script to movie in the near future. 🙂

  • Aaron Emery

    I’m shocked at how many people rank EVIL DEAD 2 and/or ARMY OF DARKNESS over the original film!
    I would say:
    2. EVIL DEAD 2 (more of a parody of itself, but still fun)
    3. DRAG ME TO HELL (if you’re including it, I am too!)
    4. ARMY OF DARKNESS (I still enjoy this movie. Though completely irrelevant to the franchise it has some great lines and it’s a lot of fun)

    Really though, I like all of these movies, but only one of them really stands up as a horror film and that would be the original! I have a great feeling that the remake could be the best film since the original because it’s going for the intended serious/dark tone of the original.

    • Scorpionsy

      Hey, if you take a look above your post…that is exactly what I said…and the same order as mine too.

      Finally, someone who understands the difference between Horror and non-horror / parody stuff 🙂

      • Aaron Emery

        haha, good stuff. Honestly when there’s this many comments I read the first bunch and skim the rest, I guess by the time I got to yours I was compelled to write one myself!
        I enjoy all of the films, but they are nothing like the original THE EVIL DEAD!

    • Chainsaw_Master

      Agreed! i like AOD…but it’s def my LEAST fav film in the entire series. and it irks me how popular it is lol.

  • LuJr81

    Well hers my list: 1.The Evil Dead(fucking awesome)2.The Evil Dead 2(funny as hell)Army of Darkness is definitely the worst movie in this franchise I hate it. Its too campy and corny for me. Don’t get me wrong Ash is still awesome but the movie fucking blows. And as far as Drag me to Hell I’m not even gonna mention that fucking garbage! Anyways can’t wait for the remake it looks fucking brutal!!

  • 1. Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness
    2. Drag me to hell.

    I say it’s a tie for first place….. I love each of the movies equally as much for different reasons. The first one was an onslaught of Horror hitting you from different angles. Granted with the lower budget comes lower budgeted effects where you can see tubes sticking out of faces and such… but it was also a labour of love, and turned out to be pretty damn good. The Second one is where the character of Ash was REALLY developed. He was given more of a personality, the effects are way better, but the horror onslaught is only 50% of the first one – with the other 50% being replaced with comedy. This is a mix that not all films can pull off – but Evil Dead 2 does it, and does it brilliantly and still with a beautifully bleak ending. Army of Darkness was more of an adventure action movie with Horror elements – and Ash. With the higher budget it was impressive that they could still pull off an exciting and hilarious movie – this time 50% comedy, 40% action/adventure, 10% Horror. Maybe not all that worthy of being titled an Evil Dead Film, which is probably why it’s not. But to me equally as entertaining.
    …and Drag me to Hell was awesome.

  • Chainsaw_Master

    For me in terms of the original 3 films I can’t decide which is my #1 fav between The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2

    Both are awesome and every time I watch them they are constantly battling for first place so for now I’ll just say they are tied.

    the new Evil Dead, dare I say it, looks likew it could end up being my #1 fav.

    After the first 2 I’d say Drag Me to Hell, then Within the Woods, and then Army of Darkness.

    Now don’t get me wrong..I don’t Hate AoD. I really enjoy the film, but it’s my LEAST fav. It just irks me how it’s not a horror’s an action/comedy with horror elements SPRINKLED into it. the AoD comics are superior to the film itself and the Evil Dead games are better than the Aod film and comics all together IMHO.

    I mean AoD unfortunately is what “fans” think of when they think of Ash. for me it’ll always be ED and ED2.

    BTW since you counted “Drag me to Hell” as an Evil Dead film would you count Lollipop Chainsaw as an Evil Dead game? after all you use a chainsaw, you fight demon possessed corpses that have been unleashed by the necronomicon, and it’s even got an Ash costume!

  • dream-master-89

    1.evil dead(true horror)
    2.evil dead 2(funny and scary)
    3.aod(not that gud realy)
    4.drag me to hell(okish)
    the original evil dead is pure horror,i realy wished part 2 kept the true horror and didnt go comedy but as it did it is a fantastic movie in its own right.AOD just bored me,how can that b related to the evil dead,now thats scary lol.And drag me to hell i own it on blu ray but its not as good as i expected……And the remake looks awesome….

  • Hollywood-Tiffin

    1) Evil Dead (by a landslide).
    2) Evil Dead II; Dead By Dawn. (camp and rehashed)
    3) Army of Darkness (Too unique to be unliked. Not horror, but a comic book approach to the genre).
    4) And “Drag” is just that. Anyone placing this in the same realm of genius as 1-3 should beat their head against a rock until dead! 🙂

  • Keegsta

    1. Evil Dead
    2. Evil Dead 2
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Drag Me To Hell

    I know most people like Evil Dead 2 more than 1 but I LOVE the first one so much and I actually like it more than the second. I guess it is because it’s more of a real horror film and 2 and Army are comedies, which I love as well. I also like Alien MUCH more than Aliens. Most people like Aliens more than Alien. So, I guess to each his own but for me, Evil Dead owns everything.

  • twoheaded

    What about ‘Within the Woods’? True, it’s a short… but it’s the ‘Evil Dead’ before there was an ‘Evil Dead’… Personally, I count the alternate version of ‘Army of Darkness’ as a totally separate movie…

  • drfinkelstein

    Drag Me to Hell shouldn’t really count, but alright.

    1. Evil Dead
    2. Evil Dead 2
    3. Drag Me to Hell (since you included it)
    4. Army of Darkness

  • TwistedCritic

    Kinda surprised but kinda glad that so many are ranking Army of Darkness near or at the bottom. It was definitely my favorite as a kid, but it doesn’t hold up too well. Even if you like the wider scope, I think it proved to be way too wide for Raimi, and certainly the budget. That, and the comedy was just too much this time (I wholeheartedly agree with the “little Ashes” comment; that scene feels like it’s never going to end). On a related note, why WASN’T it called The Medieval Dead? What a much better title.

  • Catastrophe

    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Drag Me to Hell
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Evil Dead

    I know my ordering is a little odd; I loved all of the Evil Dead movies and I loved Drag Me to Hell, so my ordering is just a matter of preference as opposed to quality.

  • jcwuzhere

    1. Evil Dead
    2. Army of Darkness
    3. Evil Dead II
    4. Drag Me to Hell

    I love the first Evil Dead so much that it has to be number 1 for me. I know I’m definitely the minority here but I can’t stand Evil Dead II, I personally can’t get past the continuity issues. Army of Darkness also holds a special place in my heart because that’s the first movie my best friend and I ever watched together and we quote it all the time. I can see what you are saying with Drag Me to Hell being in the same universe but I still don’t consider it an Evil Dead film so that’s why it’s number 4, not because I don’t like it.

  • horror4all

    just as long as the remake is listed at the waaaay bottom of the barrel.

    What a waste of 90 minutes. Can’t say more since its not out yet and don’t want to provide spoilers.. except to say watching paint dry for 90 minutes would have more scares and suspense than watching the remake.. ugh.

    • horror4all

      Regarding the order of the films..

      Oddly enough, I think I would rate AOD for sheer replay and enjoyment. II is more fun/comedy, and I is more horror. Depends on my mood.

      I also liked Drag Me to Hell, but never really saw it part of the franchise. Will need to revisit it again.

      There also is an article (on another website) that proposes that Oz the Powerful is Raimi’s kiddie version of AOD. While I agree there are some parallels, I think its a bit of a stretch. If one is to include that in the list, then I would put that above the remake and after the other 4.

    • Scorpionsy

      So I guess you didn’t like the remake? LOL! 🙂

      It was gory but I agree…it could have been a lot better…A LOT.

  • DisturbedPixie

    What kind of an Evil Dead list is this if they include some random film and not the original short film? To appreciate the franchise, you have to understand that the original story is being remade for the 3rd time. So I say screw the people who call foul on remakes but don’t even know what films are (partial) remakes, or based on some literature or folklore.

    And I was one of those people that saw little value in Drag Me to Hell. Apparently it was funny to some people… I just thought it was gross. Wasn’t scary either. The gross out (feast 2) genre of horror movies ranks around the same level as torture films for me. Give me something terrifying instead, please. Or know you’re doing a comedy and work it, a la Tucker & Dale VS Evil, Fido, or Shaun of The Dead.

    I have to say, I have watched Army of Darkness the most out of the franchise, and then Evil Dead 2, and then Evil Dead and then Within The Woods. Army of Darkness to me was like a cartoon reminiscent of Looney Toons. I could say Evil Dead 2 was my favorite, but Army of Darkness was so nutty and full of one liners.

    Obviously, Evil Dead 2 is the reason to do this remake though, because its content could have been terrifying… I look forward to it’s release. I do suspect it will be more disturbing than scary, but I hope for the best. I’m always looking for a film that makes me scream bloody murder. I find it a rarity.

    • Scorpionsy

      I was really pissed off when I pre-ordered my “Book of the Dead” limited edition of The Evil Dead DVD when it came out years ago…only to find out that what was promised as a release of “Within The Woods” as part of the special extras with the DVDs…they pulled it out because of copyright issues. Now all we have is that crappy (but appreciated upload) of Within the Woods floating around the net.

      I want a clean copy…come on Sam and Rob…give it to your fans…maybe on the new Remake Blu-ray release? Pretty please?
      I am sure one of you guys has it stored in a film-can somewhere in your basement or something…just release it already before the celluloid gets destroyed/moldy/damaged forever. 🙁

  • RedDeadAsh2

    Yeah,I’m not gonna jump on the “just because it’s a horror film means The Evil Dead is the bestest” bandwagon. I feel like Evil Dead 2 is a better film in general, more entertaining and technically impressive. And I know that without Within The Woods and The Evil Dead we wouldn’t have the other films. I appreciate them for that reason, and that reason alone. The Evil Dead is definitely my least favorite film listed.


    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Army of Darkness
    3. The Evil Dead

    I definitely don’t count Drag Me To Hell as an Evil Dead movie. But I definitely enjoyed it. The seance scene is worth the price of admission alone.

  • Dustin6595

    I’ve never seen “Drag Me To Hell”, I might have to give that a watch soon, but regardless of that, I’d rank the “Evil Dead” franchise like this,

    1. Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn
    2. The Evil Dead
    3. Evil Dead (pretty much tied for me with the original)
    4. Army Of Darkness (and I love this movie, but objectively I think the others are better)

  • Onebadhatharry

    Yep – you lost me at Drag me to Hell. Ludicrous entry, like slipping Cannibal Holocaust in the Harry Potter Franchise.

  • JoeInTheBox

    Not counting Drag Me to Hell, this is exactly my ranking. I would throw in Evil Dead(2013) in the #3 spot. I want to include Ash Vs. Evil Dead but we still have at least one more season. I get the inclusion of Drag Me to Hell, but let’s be honest. It may be directed by Raimi, the psychic may act like a Deadite, but it’s still not an Evil Dead.

  • Edouard Bond

    It needs an update with Ash VS Evil Dead last (I liked it, but it’s not that great) and the remake between the TV show and Army of Darkness. And, oh, no Drag Me to Hell.

  • Wax

    Ash VS Evil Dead …not that great!!

    • graynewt

      I enjoyed it but totally agree. It felt very rushed and poorly-plotted.

  • If you add Drag Me To Hell you might as well add Darkman. That was also written, directed, and produced by Raimi. Throw in the Spider-Man trilogy for good measure as well.

    I think any ranking of the actual Evil Dead films should go

    1. Evil Dead 2
    2. Ash vs Evil Dead
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Evil Dead
    5. Evil Dead (2013)

    The original was good but the sequel was a much better version of it. If they had the money the first go around the first movie wouldn’t exist. Part 2 was basically a remake with a bigger budget. The show ranks above Army of Darkness, I really don’t get why people didn’t like it. It was pretty obvious they took what was the plan for the 4th movie and stretched into a full 10 episode season but they did it well. There is a fan cut online that is a little over 4 hours that runs the whole series like a movie that is excellent. Binge watching the final 3 episodes make for a solid movie in it’s own way. Army of Darkness was fun, more fun and entertaining than the first film. By the time it came out it knew exactly what it was, a mixture of comedy, horror, and action all covered in campiness. The remake didn’t have any of the charm the other entries did. Not only did it play as a straight horror movie but the timing of it’s release not long after Cabin In The Woods hurt it also. Had it had more humor and been similar to other franchise entries then it wouldn’t have seemed like such a missed opportunity.

    • graynewt

      While I enjoy AoD and the Starz show, their over-reliance on humor over horror puts them at the bottom of the list for me. ED2 is the *perfect* blend of humor and horror, which is why I would agree with placing it at the top. But for me, it goes ED2, ED1, ED2013, AvsED, AoD. The Starz show did manage to work in a LOT of pretty great blood and gore. Way more than AoD. But ultimately I’m into the franchise for the horror of it, not the giggles. Diff’rent strokes.

      And yeah, I feel love for Drag Me to Hell (I once ran into Raimi on the Sony lot and he very kindly indulged me gushing over his work – especially Drag Me to Hell since I felt horror fans let him down by not supporting it more in theaters) but it is NOT an Evil Dead movie.

      • I respect that, personally I’m into the Evil Dead series more for the mixture of comedy and horror. I think there are better horror movies out there and also better comedies but when it comes to blending the two together Evil Dead can’t be topped. I happened to see ED2 and AOD before I saw the first Evil Dead, which is part of the reason I rank both above it. ED2 belongs on the top of any list though, it nailed everything it attempted perfectly. The blend of genres, the overall horror, overall comedy, and a career making performance by Bruce Campbell.

        I haven’t had the chance to meet any of the cast or crew but I have been lucky enough to see all 3 films in separate theatrical showings. Too young to have caught them in their original releases. I didn’t fully appreciate any of the films properly until I was able to watch them in a packed theater full of ED fans. I saw the remake in theaters also but it was just general release with a half full theater of normal movie goers and it was a disappointment all around the first viewing. It was much better when I saw it on DVD later but I knew it would be a letdown of sorts since I got to the see the others with true ED fans at events.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      The remake was everything Evil Dead should be without being a shallow carbon copy of the original. Playing it as a straight horror movie was the way to go because that’s what the original did. The whole comedy/horror didn’t come until Evil Dead 2.

  • GinsuVictim

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who considers Drag Me to Hell an Evil Dead.

  • GinsuVictim

    Why does this article say 2013?

  • WindowsIsDead

    Evil Dead 2
    The Evil Dead
    Ash Vs Evil Dead
    Army of Darkness
    Within The Woods (Which should be the real honorable franchise mention on the list)

    2013 Evil Dead won’t make it to my list because it lacks one element present in all the others, which is Bruce Campbell.
    I love the 2013 version, but I see it as its own thing, a stand-alone-spin-off-side-story-sequel that happens on the same universe but in a different dimension or time window or whatever. It is good and it is part of the Evil Dead franchise, but it should go along with Drag Me To Hell into the bucket of complementary films. By nature, Within The Woods should make part of this bucket, but since it’s the father of it all it has a spot on the main one.

  • BloonTooner

    1.Army of Darkness
    2.Evil Dead 2
    3.The Evil Dead
    4.Ash v Evil Dead

    Can’t explain it, but I will never tire of rewatching Army of Darkness. It’s insane, stupid yet wholly genuine in everything it does. One of the only films I can watch again and again – and as soon as the credits roll I’m down to play it again

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