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5 Favorite Moments From ‘Evil Dead 2’!!!

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn is my favorite Evil Dead film (a ranking I’m open to changing after I see the remake on Friday). It’s almost strange that it works so well for me. I love great dialogue, but there’s relatively little of it to be found in the movie (aside from its iconic one-liners). I love rich characters, and the film doesn’t seem particularly interested in defining those specifics. I love a tight narrative, and Evil Dead 2 isn’t so much a story as it is a series of moments that work exceedingly well together.

I really mean that last part as a compliment, both about the moments and about the film working. Evil Dead 2 breaks so many rules, yet it sings remarkably in spite of that. It’s cinematic and jokey in all the right ways, an epic and gory “Three Stooges” homage.

Head inside for my 5 Favorite Moments From Evil Dead 2!!!


I think I love this scene because it’s so aware of its function and it accomplishes its goal with such economy. Going to the woods to bang is a staple of this kind of genre, and knowing Ash was about to get a little bit of sugar only ups the ante on his loss moments later. “After all, I’m a man and you’re a woman… at least last time I checked.


Ash has been having a bad night, and he certainly wasn’t expecting company – so it makes sense that he would fire a shot or two through the door Pistorious style. Not only does he end up hurting one of the only decent people (Bobby Joe) – but he meets Richard Domeier and Sarah Berry’s characters, who have no hope but to come across as hilariously stuffy when contrasted with Ash’s exploits that evening.


Not only is it a blast to see Linda [Denise Bixler] rise from the grave, dance around and whimsically roll her head down her arm, it’s great to see her head upright in that vice. I love how the effect obviously switches from prop to sight gag once the head is properly aligned. Even more than that, I love Ash’s emotionality as he decides he heeds to dismantle her once and for all.


No explanation needed really, except for when I saw a clip of this on MTV late one night on a horror themed program as a kid I assumed it was from some obscure mean-spirited movie that I’d never see. How wrong I was. The moment I realized I was watching that movie actually counts as one of my life’s tangible thrills.


Bruce Campbell, and his hand, deserve an Oscar for pulling off what might be the film’s most central conflict. From smashing plates over his head and dragging him across the floor, to giving him the finger after he says a farewell to arms – Ash’s hand proves to be among the film’s most elusive quarry.


Every other moment – including the deadite Richard Domeier, Ash flying through the woods, the laughing deer… aannnnddd WORK SHED! Oh, and… GROOVY! You get my drift – impossible to stop.



  • dr.lamb

    I love it when the headless Linda storms in, wielding the chainsaw.

  • horrorking95

    Please don’t kill me when I say that I really didn’t like Evil Dead 2. I loved the first one, but the second one just became seriously tiresome. The whole hand thing got repetitious for me, there were far too many slow moments and it felt as if they were just making things up as they went along, throwing what ever they could at the screen until it became actually fairly dull. I know the majority love it, so quite clearly I’m wrong! I suppose it just isn’t really my humour 🙁

    • ThunderDragoon

      Phew, I’m not the only one around here who didn’t like Evil Dead 2! I feel better now. I felt the first one was so well constructed and the second one was just all over the place. The transition from horror to horror/comedy was just not needed. What I love about Bloody-Disgusting is that we can express our opinions without being called names, unlike YouTube lol.

      • dr.lamb

        Hey, different people, different opinions, every point of view is accepted…
        Now go sit in the corner and think about your life ! 🙂

  • flesheater24

    EVIL DEAD 2 rules. I remember when I was a kid I watched Army of darkness and i thought that was the only movie. I used to just drink HI-C and watch it everytime it was on SCI-FI and watched the countless horror films that would make me a fan. So I got a little old and watched evil dead and then evil dead 2 after. Damn it really set the bars for me 🙂

  • Prince Of Darkness

    Personally, I preferred the Ash from part 1 where he was just a normal guy caught in an insane situation. His whole John Wayne on acid, man slut persona is kind of annoying. I still don’t understand why Raimi decided the films were a full blown comedy.

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