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Don’t Let This New Teaser For ‘The Legend’ Get In Your Head

The Legend is another indie horror game that aims to take the traits of the infamous Slenderman and apply them to a brand new creature — sort of like what Huntsman is doing. What this new “legend” is or what it looks like are still unknown, but I prefer my monsters shrouded in mystery, so I’m all for not revealing him/her/it. Developer Elder Productions has been releasing some freaky teasers lately (you can find the rest on the dev’s Youtube page), but this new entry is a little lighter than the rest, albeit still unnerving.

From the video’s description, The Reed family has been dead and forgotten for over 90 years, the authorities could not find a logical reason for the cause of their deaths. Eventually, the case was closed and ultimately forgotten. It seemed as if the true story of what happened to them would never come to light; until I read an article in the newspaper that there have been reports of obscure phone calls from someone who calls himself “the operator”. According to the article, he mentions the Reed family and continues with vivid detail in regard to their final hours. All I know is that he is not “him”, and maybe this operator will be able to help me find out the truth. I’m starting to feel “his” presence…

Here’s one of the first teasers for The Legend, if you missed it (or have the urge to watch it again):

If you’d like to support The Legend, you can do so on its Steam page.

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