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6 MORE Games And The Studios That Should Make Them!

A couple months back I listed a few horror games and the studios I’d like to see make them. A Silent Hill by DmC developer Ninja Theory? Yes, please. Resident Evil made by the studio behind Uncharted and The Last of Us? Don’t tell me that doesn’t get your nether regions aflutter with the possibilities.

Well, now I have even more horror games and the developers I’d like to see pick them up. Check out my picks after the break, and feel free to agree/disagree/offer your own pairings in the comments.

People Can Fly – The Suffering 3

People Can Fly brought us the marvelously over-the-top action shooter Bulletstorm, and lately they’ve been collaborating with Epic on the Gears of War franchise. To me, this makes them the perfect developer to breathe new life into the long dead The Suffering series. The bombastic action People Can Fly is known for would translate well to the equally explosive action horror franchise.

I also really want another Suffering game.

Visceral Games – inSANE

Visceral has made a name for themselves in this genre by crafting one of the best new horror franchises of this generation: Dead Space. Their games are well known for having copious amounts of gore, violence, and a lot of crazy. The dementia moments were first introduced in Dead Space 2 as Isaac Clarke started losing his mind after spending way too much time near the Marker, and they grew progressively worse for him and his companion John Carver in the third entry.

We don’t know much about Guillermo Del Toro’s first foray into video games other than it’s an action horror game that’s heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. If any studio is capable of excelling in both areas, it’s the team behind Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno.

Telltale Games – World War Z

Yeah, I know I already gave Telltale Alone in the Dark, but then I got to thinking… what if they made a World War Z game? Paramount has teased us with the possibility, and should the game ever see the light of day, I feel putting it in the very capable hands of Telltale Games — which brought us the amazing episodic series based on The Walking Dead last year — would be very a smart decision. In fact, we can just ignore the upcoming movie altogether and instead focus on the book, which has already been neatly divided into self-contained stories that would make it perfect as an episodic release similar to TWD.

Monolith – Manhunt

From 2005-2009, Monolith was doing a damn fine job in making themselves a real name in the horror genre. Between F.E.A.R. and Condemned, they quickly became one of my favorite studios. Since then they’ve made some solid titles — Gotham City Impostors was fun — but they’ve shied away from our favorite genre. F.E.A.R. and Condemned each deserve new sequels, but what I’d really like to see is how Monolith’s eye for the visceral would translate to one of gaming’s most brutal and sadly short-lived franchises: Manhunt.

Plus, Rockstar’s far too busy right now making games that sell well to return to it, so that means the reigns need to be handed over to someone else. I nominate Monolith.

Crystal Dynamics – Eternal Darkness

If you haven’t played the latest Tomb Raider, you really should. Crystal Dynamics proved themselves adept at telling an emotionally charged, action-packed, and often horrifying story with the latest reboot. If anyone can reinvigorate Eternal Darkness, which has sat untouched for far too long, it’s them. This game holds a sacred place in many gamers’ hearts, so if/when a developer finally does begin work on a sequel, it needs to be one that’s mastered action, horror, and storytelling. Crystal Dynamics fits the bill.

Platinum Games – Nightmare Creatures

This is a weird choice, right? Pairing Platinum Games, the studio behind wacky Japanese action games like Bayonetta and Vanquish, on a now practically ancient horror series like Nightmare Creatures? Who does that?

Apparently, I do.

Nightmare Creatures might not be the best horror IP out there — there are certainly other games more deserving of sequels — but I just really wanted to put this out there. Platinum is very good at delivering action and spectacle in their games. They’re capable of creating big, beautiful worlds filled with elegantly designed creatures, and they really know how to make a good action game (Anarchy Reigns not withstanding).

We came so close to getting a third entry, dubbed Angel of Darkness, but that fell into development limbo soon after its announcement over a decade ago. It was set in 19th century Prague and followed a young woman who could merge with her Raven companion to fight monsters. Replace the bird with magic hair and you have something that sounds a little like Bayonetta! (I said sort of)

What do you think? Did I miss a game? Are you not happy with a certain pairing? Let me know in the comments!

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  • thevyrsaiplague

    Good list butI still want a new Fatal Frame and maybe another Lovecraft game like Dark Corners.

  • divisionbell

    I would love a new lovecraft game. Also it’s definitely about time we got a new Manhunt game.

    • thevyrsaiplague

      and not edited like they did with Manhunt 2. That was bull.

  • omer135

    I really don’t want a World War Z game with cartoonish graphics…

    • Adam Dodd

      A Telltale developed WWZ game wouldn’t necessarily have the same art style as their TWD game. That game looked the way it did because TWD started out as a comic, so Telltale brought that style to the game.

  • bukipup

    The Suffering 3? Heck yeah! Nice list. I’m still waiting for someone to make a current gen video game based on The Thing. Sigh. 🙁

  • coldblood

    Loved MANHUNT. Bring that one back.

  • dr.lamb

    Hey, the 1st Nightmare Creatures was great ! Is there really anybody doubtingb that ? It was one of the first games where you could push the enemies from edges or into water. Sounds ridiculous, but that was a big step in gaming freedom and creativity back then. And the awesome monsters and the occult atmosphere ! Yeah, bring it back, dammit.

  • Erebus Dirge

    MANHUNT 3 – A homeless man is relentless hunting as part of a wierd hazing ritual for some elite clandistine fraternity.The frat elders own achers of land and property, bribing authorities.

    The Suffering 3 – A man with PTSD is released from a mental facility after being given a new drug that controls his mental illness. The problems it works only to a certain degree, his impulses begin to take on a life of thier own,taking the forms of his past victims and violent fantasys,his madness begins to run riot and cause death and destruction in the real world. In order to bring it back under control he must fight it’s way to the source of his inner demons and destroy it before it completely run amok.

    Nightmare Creatures 3 – Somewhere the basement of a university, a professors dabblings with arcane science has sprailed out of control. He has opened a portal in another realm that spews forth it’s warped and horrific denziens into our world. The professor himself has bonded with something and has control over them to a certain degree, though his sanity has been completely shattered as part of the change.

    As an expert in uncanny and otherworldly matters you have been contacted by the authorities to put an end to this madness.

    Will you stop the professor and close the portal before the arcane atrocities destroy life as we know it. Or will you be changed into some nightmare creature by it’s eldritch energies?

  • Demonknight1988

    I would love them to make Nightmare Creatures 3, the suffering 3 and a few other games too. But like how they ordinal might to be. Being honest most horror games aren’t even horror anymore; they seem more like action games. But that my own opinion.

    • dr.lamb

      That’s sadly true. “Alan Wake” was the last one that had more of a survival-horror vibe going on. And also that one had a lot of action too.

      • Adam Dodd

        There have definitely been more action horror games than classic survival horror, but there have still been some pretty fantastic survival horror games, like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Silent Hill: Downpour, Resident Evil: Revelations, DayZ, ZombiU, Dead Nation, etc.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Personally, I’d give Resident Evil to Crystal Dynamics. They would know exactly how to reboot the franchise and make it horror again. I would never give it over to Naughty Dog. They would just crank out the same action stuff like RE5 and RE6. I’ve been really excited for inSANE since it first got announced, so I’d love to see where that goes.

  • JonOfTheShred

    Telltale is literally the dead last developers I’d want to see butcher World War Z. Reducing what could arguably be the piece of zombie fiction with the biggest scale….to a simplistic point and click game? That would be a major disservice to the loose narrative.

    No matter how much other people use the plot of TellTales Walking Dead as an excuse to ignore the games flaws, I will always see that game as a major disappointment. Crappy pacing, horrible voice acting, cartoony/childish art direction, lack of exploration or any real game play beyond QTE, completely 100% on the rails linear progression with choices that ultimately don’t even matter, zero atmosphere, over-the-top caricatures….(there should be an option to manually put a bullet in Ducks head)….I just couldn’t see how the game received so much critical acclaim.

    I actually thought Raccoon City was more entertaining than Telltales Walking Dead game, and that is saying something. Of course, I had really high hopes of TWD game, being a zombie / TWD fanatic. I wanted a huge, open world game with a branching narratives that the player determines the outcome of through their decision. Actual gameplay….creepy atmosphere….hard-to-kill zombies…tense moments getting warmed by herds….meeting various characters and working together to board up windows, etc etc… Understandably, TellTale probably had a very small budget, but for me as a gamer, they made the worst possible adaptation of Walking Dead. It was like “Fisher Price: the Walking Dead,” or “Disney’s The Walking Dead.” It was like a Saturday morning cartoon you had to click around to watch episodes of.

    With all due respect to the fans of the game (I can see the appeal in a narrative-focused game), I really hope more worthy developers can make the zombie epic Walking Dead game we’ve all been craving for years.

  • AfterTheAsylum

    Could you imagine Quantic Dream doing Manhunt? That game would be so intense and emotional.

    FYI, when I imagine games being made by another squad, I always start with Quantic Dream.

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