Get Your Spirit Photography Fix With The 'DreadOut' Demo, Available Now - Bloody Disgusting!

Get Your Spirit Photography Fix With The ‘DreadOut’ Demo, Available Now

There’s a good chance we won’t be seeing any more of Fatal Frame, at least not outside Japan. That leaves us to find new ways to fill that camera obscura shaped hole in our hearts. Unfortunately, spirit photography is an area that isn’t covered too thoroughly in video games. The 3DS exclusive Spirit Camera didn’t quite deliver, so that leaves us with the similarly themed indie horror title DreadOut. We’ve covered it before, and now, developer Digital Happiness has released a demo for it. It looks great, I’m downloading it now.

You can download the demo here, and if you like it I recommend helping DreadOut get distribution by supporting it on Steam Greenlight. If downloading the demo sounds like too much work, you can still enjoy the new trailer I have waiting for you in the darkest recesses of this post.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    This looks awesome. I’ll have to play the demo.

  • thevyrsaiplague

    I will get right on this. Thanks I would’ve missed this otherwise.

  • thevyrsaiplague

    That respawn system is awful. I died far too many times on those things but otherwise it’s not bad.

  • ljbad

    It needs a lot of polish, but I had fun playing the game. I love ambitious indie titles that aren’t just moody platformers or slender clones.