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Watch This Video If You Hate Current Pop Music



While I’m not against pop music as a whole, I am pretty sick and tired of hearing hit songs that sound exactly like hit songs from a few weeks ago. It’s like I’m listening to one musician coming up with music for every artist and all that changes is who’s singing. And usually the music uses the same patches or tones, resulting in even more banality when there is so much room for innovation and unique sounds.

Well, apparently I’m not the only who thinks this as YouTube humor channel KollektivetTV2 has uploaded a scathing satire of current pop music with their own pop song entitled “Hit Song”. The song, “…is about a dystopic futuristic society where pretentious culture fascists have made hit music illegal, and someone has to save the world.” Featuring a blatant murder (that doesn’t work) and a head explosion, it’s a very funny take on music these days. Check it out below!

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