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These ‘The Evil Within’ Screenshots Sure Are Freaky

Earlier this morning, Bethesda officially announced The Evil Within with a creepy live-action trailer, sans any gameplay. I’m not a fan of trailers that show nothing of the game they’re advertising, because even if the trailer is amazing it doesn’t accurately represent the game.

Thankfully, we’ve also been given a batch of deeply unsettling screenshots that show off what the game will actually look like. After looking through them, The Evil Within looks strikingly similar to Resident Evil 4, which Mikami helmed back when he was with Capcom. The camera, combat, even a few of the enemies and locations. Check them out after the break!

Remember: this game is still a ways off, so these screens aren’t necessarily representative of what the final game will look like.

It looks like that four-armed witch from the live-action trailer may be a boss in the game. She looks terrifying. I can’t wait to curb-stomp her freaky ass when The Evil Within comes to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.

Update: Want to learn more about this game? Soak up these new details!

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  • djblack1313

    these are really fucking cool!

  • suedepup

    The official announcement of this game was an awesome way to start my morning. Very happy about this.

  • EvilHead1981

    Wow, it actually looks like a survival horror game… unlike the what the RE series has become. Also kinda sense some Lovecraftian vibes(the tentacles and the asylum-setting). Hell, “The Evil Within” has a Lovecraftian sound to it.

  • wildgator25

    Fuck the game, give me a full length movie from that trailer! That trailer alone was better than a lot of horror movies I’ve seen recently.

    But, if they can give me a game on the level of RE4, then that would be sweet too!

    This reminds me a lot of the great Call of Cthulhu game that was released on the original Xbox.

    • djblack1313

      wildgator, i was thinking the same thing. i’d love a movie of this!

    • EvilHead1981

      While I don’t disagree, a movie with this sort of distrubing, twisted nature and dark atmosphere would be awesome, I just can’t see one being done capably with the majority of today’s filmmakers and Hollywood itself. I just know they’d FUCK up something great like this. They usually do.

      • djblack1313

        EvilHead, well said. i agree.

  • ktn

    RIGHT! It would put the first silent hill movie(and ESPECIALLY the new one)to shame. And thats what some people thought of the teasers from american horror story aylum: they wanted the entire season on that style. But… these kind of things are super cool and effective because they are short, i wonder if a long exposition would reduce it’s power.

    • ktn

      oh, the comment above is a reply to wildgator25, but i just leaved a comment, forgot to click on reply.

      • wildgator25

        That’s cool. I understand what you’re saying. It’s easy (well maybe not) to spark interest with a 2 minute trailer and then just bomb with the rest of the movie. That’s kinda what let me down after watching The Evil Dead. The Red Band trailer basically showed everything gruesome that happens in the 1 1/2 hour movie. I sooooooo wish I had not watched that trailer as I know I would have enjoyed the movie so much more. Oh well, stupid me….

        • ktn

          LOL! so i’m fucked up. If you saw the trailer for the new EVIL DEAD and was let down with the movie, i cant imagine what will happen when i watch this movie, because i watched every trailer and every clip/tv spot and saw every still and even the spoilerish “b-roll” behind the scenes hundreds of times, i feel like i already saw the movie.

          • wildgator25

            Don’t let me ruin The Evil Dead for you, it wasn’t a bad movie. I just think I went in too hyped up and it wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    just checked out the trailer. great news! adam, i can’t believe my wish/guess to those weird videos i showed you were true hahaha.

    • Adam Dodd

      Me either! I know a lot of people were hoping Bethesda was teasing the next Fallout game, but I’m CRAZY happy this ended up being the mystery title. It looks freaky as hell.

  • Introverted Surd

    Looks like I might enjoy this but would MUCH perfer more infomation on Guilermo Del Toro’s InSane. This looks good but the moment i hear about InSane again this game will absolutely leave my mind.

    • Adam Dodd

      While there’s a place in my mind for this and Del Toro’s inSANE, I agree. Something needs to happen, I need to know that game’s still coming.

  • Necromorph

    this game looks incredibly creepy, especially that swastika demon with the 4 arms :O

  • death_by_kebab

    For some reason, this whole game reminds me of Rise of Nightmares. No idea why.

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