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‘The Crow’ Now Circles Alexander Skarsgard?

Relativity and the Weinstein Company apparently are having quit the issue with casting their lead for their reboot of The Crow.

While some sites are wrongfully slamming the premature announcement of Tom Hiddleston, we can confirm he was in fact in serious talks to topline the revenge thriller based on James O’Barr’s comics. It’s the same issue we’ve been dealing with in breaking Crow scoops – nothing seems to be sticking, even though F. Javier Gutierrez is already location scouting.

Another name being tossed around prematurely is “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard, pictured above, who may or may not be circling a role. We’ll update you when an official announcement comes out.

In The Crow, a man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder.



  • doomas10

    For the love of god, leave this film alone! The role is immortal period. BL owned that role. I am a massive crow fan – both comic book and film but personally I would prefer to leave it untouched. They will probably go to the route of gritty and realistic with emo music in the background posing as rock stars and lame story. We all know this! On the other hand, who knows Hollywood tends to surprise once in a million – dark knight joker casting anyone? As for the rest, well… ^_^

  • bambi_lives8980

    I’m a huge Crow fan too, comics and films (yes I liked the first three, Salvation included, and of course despised Wicked Prayer.) As much as I want Hollywood to leave this remake alone, I know it will eventually be made. And I do think Alexander is one of the actors who could possibly pull it off.

  • HostelTakeover

    This remake should not happen because who ever plays Eric might go through the same fate as Brandon Lee.

  • Spike0037

    You all lost you shit when they were remaking LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. And most of you bitched about it. Then you saw it and said how great it was. When EVIL DEAD was going to be remade you all lost you shit. Same thing for Carrie and when you saw the teaser your like ok this can be cool. Think about all the movies that were remade that I parents loved and were like why are they doing this. I am a huge CROW fan I had a huge collection In had my room plastered with stuff. But you people must get a grip if this is the biggest thing to happen to you your Lucky. Just wait till we see stills and footage. So gor now was the sand out of your vagina

    • doomas10

      I for the record did not like the american version AT ALL for “let the right one in”. For Carrie I am not excited at all. So there goes your theory. No need to bully someone who disapproves remakes bro.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Now we’re talking! I can’t believe that other guy was even being talked about. He’s too much of a sissy to play The Crow. Maybe that’s just because I can’t stand him in Thor and The Avengers, but seriously. It would be nice if they picked Alexander instead. If they do end up picking that other guy, though, I won’t be watching it.

    • dr.lamb

      Skarsgard is the best option so far. Imagine – as originally planned- Mark Wahlberg or Bradley Cooper in the role – shudder. And Hiddleston just lacks charisma.

    • doomas10

      I disagree for Hiddleston. He is awesome and one of the best actors around – but HE IS LOKI so whatever he pulls off next for me, I won’t be able to take him seriously. Additionally, the role is not just right for him – Hiddleston as a rocker? Not buying that despite being a huge fan of the man himself

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