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5 Skull Review: ‘Shadowman’ #0

In Shadowman #0, Master Darque , the classic Valiant villain, finally gets a chance to steal the spotlight with an origin tale. Master Darque is one of the most infamous villains in the Valiant universe, and when dealing with a character of this magnitude it’s very easy for things to go awry, but writer Justin Jordan simply knocked this one out of the park. Shadowman #0 is one of the best issues to come out of the newly re-launched Valiant, and it is one of the best things you’ll read this month.

WRITTEN BY: Justin Jordan
ART BY: Mico Suayan and Robert De La Torre
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE:May 1st, 2013

Writer Justin Jordan delivers a powerful and heart wrenching origin tale told from the point of view of Master Darque’s sister. Here we get to see firsthand how Master Darque evolved from an innocent little kid into one of the most sinister, violet and downright evil villains in all of comics. This issue has all the components of great storytelling, as Jordan takes a monster and tugs on reader’s heartstrings by showing us his human side.

The issue wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic as it turned out to be without the superior artwork of Mico Suayan and Robert De La Torre. Both artists’ turn in some gorgeous art that literally leaps off the page, and perfectly complement the story. The scenes that depict Darque as a child, deliver an emotional knockout punch that a story like this needs. The final sequence of this book, drawn by Mico Suayan, is truly some next level work that is typically only seen by superstar artists like Steve McNiven or David Finch. The final pages in this issue drawn by Mico Suayan are more than worth the price of admission for readers.

There isn’t a moment inside the pages of Shadowman #0 that doesn’t grab readers by the throat, as this book holds them hostage until the final panel. This standalone issue could be one of the best comics of the entire year, and is the perfect jumping on point for new readers to get acquainted with one of comics greatest villains. Shadowman #0 is a riveting piece of comics storytelling that is simply flawless, and for that the creative team deserves a standing ovation.

5/5 Skulls



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