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[OMFG] Nine Inch Nails Releases Incredibly Rare “Broken” Video!!!

Trent Reznor is embracing the power of the Internet like no other, using it to continually engage fans of Nine Inch Nails, and his new project, How to Destroy Angels.

Bloody’s Jonathan Barkan recently shared his top NIN music videos, which prompted me to re-watch them all. It also had me obsessing over the unreleased “Broken” short, a bootlegged video that resides in my old room in my parent’s house in Chicago.

Thanks to Reznor, I won’t have to wait until August to watch. The Academy Award winning musician has uploaded the never-before-released “Broken” short to Vimeo so everyone can enjoy the 1993 masterpiece.

This 1993 short film, directed by Peter Christopherson, collects the videos from the NIN Broken EP and ties them together as a “snuff” film. It was never officially released due to its graphic content, but was leaked in the 90s, and became a widely-traded VHS bootleg. A high quality burnable DVD version has since leaked onto torrent sites.

It’s is warned, though, that it was never officially released due to its graphic content (VERY NSFW).




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