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Did Universal Just Shut Down ‘Jurassic Park’?!

Update: Universal released this statement.

Back in 1993 the gates never opened to the public, and it looks as if Jurassic Park could remain closed in 2013.

Eagle-eyed AICN caught a few damaging tweets Tuesday night that allege that production has been shut down on Universal’s Jurassic Park 4.

Just last week Director Colin Trevorrow shared a photo from his location scout with the tease “Nublar,” the island from Steven Spielberg’s first film. Today, JP4 Concept Artist Dean Sherriff tweeted and immediately deleted, “JP on hold.

It gets worse as JP4‘s Digital Assets Manager Todd Smoyer chimed in, “Hollywood makes and crushes dreams. Goodbye JP4.

Uni has already slated the fourth film for release on June 13, 2014. Hopefully, the studio realized that there’s no way they could have it completed by then and decided to slow it down a bit. I was immediately concerned then they hired Trevorrow, an indie director who is known for Safety Not Guaranteed . With that said, I’ve been wrong before (see Godzilla).

I’m sure with this news spreading throughout the night, we’ll have some sort of official word by lunchtime tomorrow.



  • jefferybuckles25

    maybe they just meant they were holding off on four jiffy pops

  • ThunderDragoon

    Really? Ugh, I’m so sick of Hollywood.

  • doomas10

    I am actually excited for JP4 as long as they do not incorporate in there a story about the reunion of a family – or actually any kids in that matter. JP is a classic for me, lost world goes a bit bananas but it is still enjoyable but the third one was just terrible – despite having some of my favourite beasts in it! I really hope they go a bit thriller on this one but I doubt it

  • Jasonicus

    I only like the original. The other two are incredibly lame. But, I was interested to see what they were going to do with this one.

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