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‘The Forest’ Is ‘The Descent’ Meets ‘Cannibal Holocaust’

Another horror game recently made its way onto Steam Greenlight, but this one isn’t quite like the rest. It’s an open world survival horror game that places you in a forest, alone, unarmed, and with a population of freaky pale cannibals that would very much like to eat you alive. You’ll need to learn how to start a fire, construct a shelter, and scavenge for food in order to survive. Even if you master that part, you’ll have to either hide from or defend against the forest’s hostile inhabitants. More after the jump, including a debut trailer.

The studio behind it is SKS Games, a Vancouver based developer made up of special effects artists whose works include Tron Legacy and 300. SKS’s Mick Solomons told Eurogamer The Forest has been inspired by several cult horror films, including Cannibal Holocaust and The Descent.

SKS looks to be investing quite a bit of time into making the game world as realistic as possible, including dynamic weather, a day/night cycle and even plants that grow. If you plan on grabbing an Oculus Rift VR headset, it will support the device.


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