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In The Multiplayer Survival Horror Game ‘Damned,’ You’re The Hunter



9heads Games recently unveiled their second project, a multiplayer-centric survival horror game that puts you in the shoes (boots, hooves, whatever) of the bad thing that’s killing everyone. Now, before you get all up-in-arms about the multiplayer bit, don’t worry, it actually looks amazing. This is because in Damned, it’s being used in a really unique way. In it, up to five players will have the option of teaming up as a group to better their odds of survival while another player hunts them down. See it in action after the jump.

The abandoned hotel the game takes place in is randomly generated every time you play, so each experience is unique. This is great for a multiplayer game, but especially so for a horror title. Unpredictability is scary, that’s why I stay at home on a familiar chair, next to a familiar desk, surrounded by the familiar scent of death. Err, shh, I’ve said too much.

You can — and totally should — support Damned by voting for it on Steam Greenlight and, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can be a little more invested in your generosity by donating to its Indiegogo campaign.

According to the game’s Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight pages, Damned is a “randomized online horror game” in which five players -— four as “survivors” and one monster — are locked inside a haunted hotel. Survivors are tasked with finding a way out and keeping each other alive. The monster haunts, stalks and can eventually kill the survivors, as well as trigger noises and events to mess with them as they try to escape.