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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘Among The Sleep’ Is Spooky

In this episode, Adam and David explore a bizarre and terrifying world, where they learn to embrace their inner child and break free from the shackles of their crib in search of their mum. For the unfamiliar, Among the Sleep is an indie horror game developed by Krillbite Studio. Yesterday, their Kickstarter campaign successfully reached its funding goal with about three days to spare. Now they’re working toward achieving a handful of stretch goals that include Oculus Rift support (basic support is already happening, this would be for more advanced functionality) and commentary tracks.

If the idea of a toddler sized Adam climbing dresser shelves so he can reach a doorknob sounds appealing — and really, why wouldn’t it — you should definitely watch me play this alpha.

Like what you see? I knew you would. Did you know you can subscribe to BDTV for more videos like this, because you totally can. If you’d like to play it yourself, you can download the Among the Sleep here for PC, Mac and Linux.

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