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[TV] Even If Cancelled, “Hannibal” Will Continue To Kill…

Even with a potential cancellation in the cards, there appears to be only good news for the Bryan Fuller-headed series “Hannibal.”

While NBC internally debates bringing back the incredibly expensive “Hannibal” for a second season, other networks, including Amazon, are licking their chops in anticipation of a cancellation, reports Deadline.

The series, from “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller, got off to a solid ratings start and was in serious contention for an early renewal. The numbers eventually tapered off, and NBC put the renewal decision on hold.

There are no talks going on and “Hannibal” has not been shopped as the producers are waiting on a renewal at NBC.



  • HorrorFancy

    I’d rather see the series go to a good cable company not apologetic about their monster. If NBC cancels, whoever picks it up had BETTER keep the same production quality of the series; and don’t go messing with the creativity of it — let those wonderful people do their jobs!

    I do not buy television series on BR/DvD, but ‘Hannbial’ will be my first.

    • highly_suspicious

      I think you’re right. Whilst i think they enjoy a pretty good amount of artistic freedom, it would feel more natural for the show to be on a cable network. The feeling that literally anything could happen would add to the atmosphere of an already creeeeepy show.

  • highly_suspicious

    This series, purely from an artistic viewpoint, is one of the best produced shows currently on TV, and certainly the best looking show on network TV at least.

    Content wise, it’s a little shaky, but its art direction and presentation more than make up for it.

    It’s fucking gorgeous, and the gore is so delightfully gruesome! It deserves to have a longer run.

  • Evil_Flip

    I actually haven’t watched it since they pulled that episode. For some reason I don’t feel the need to continue if it means I’ll have to skip one episodes (I’m not going for half assed webisodes).

    • ktn

      You can watch that entire epi now, and then watch the new episodes, the show only gets better after that.

  • wildgator25

    This is why NBC sucks ass! Jay Leno told the truth and they couldn’t fucking take that either. No one wants to tune in to a singing competition damn near year round, fat people crying about they eat too fucking much, a billionaire who ridicules others just for the fun of it, outdated and dull crime dramas….. the list goes on and on. When you get the chance to air a quality program that a new audience will watch, you stick it on Thursday night at 10 PM and then complain that there are no viewers!

    If/When they stop this show, I will no longer invest my time or interest in any new series on this channel only for them to stop it at the drop of a hat. I would rather torrent the complete series or as HorrorFancy says, buy the series on disc.

  • Darkness69

    Hannibal is the best new series out there! They’re fucking lunatic for not approving the second season already.

  • huntermc

    The networks continue to dig themselves into a hole as their relevancy diminishes. It’s no surprise that all of my favorite shows are on HBO or Showtime.

    • djblack1313

      huntermc, i agree. ABC & NBC are the worst and they both seem determined to keep ruining/destroying themselves by fucking over audiences by canceling/messing with their shows. i’m STILL not over ABC canceling the fucking awesome sci-fi/horror show INVASION (and that was back in 2005!! lol).

      • Milk

        OMFG!!! Yes!!! How could they cancel Invasion? I was so upset when they cancelled this show and on such a cliff hanger ending really pissed me off. This show was absolutely fantastic. You just opened old wounds for me DJ.

  • Kenzo

    This series is awesome. If they remove it, I hope it goes to HBO , showtime or starz. That would be better.

  • russellg79

    Someone should continue this series. I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit over the years, but for some reason, last weeks episode where they showed him meticulously preparing his feast just made me queasy. Awesome show.

  • WolfQueen

    For me, this series only got good last week. I found the first 6 episodes just so-so, but was glad when they focused more on Hannibal last week than Will’s Rainman impersonation, which he doesn’t have in the original material. Keep it about Hannibal and we’re good to go.
    I also would like to see it go to a cable network. NBC hasn’t done too badly with what’s being shown, all things considered, but a cable network would jack this up 100%

  • djblack1313

    I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW!!! it’s fucking awesome. NBC is lucky to have (for now, until they probably fuck the show/the audience over by canceling it) such a high quality show with amazing acting by all, awesome atmosphere, incredible gore, etc, etc.

    what concerns me if it goes to Amazon is wouldn’t the budget be cut severely which would mean some or many(?) of the cast would not remain. also wouldn’t the quality overall of the show drop if going to Amazon? the only reference point for an Amazon show is the pilot ep to ZOMBIELAND and i thought that was horrible and had horrible production values and bad acting, etc.

    please don’t let this happen to HANNIBAL!

  • Milk

    I think it is artistically beautiful but content/concept wise it waivers a bit too much. I don’t think there’s enough there for a lot of viewers to sink their teeth into other than pretty scenes.

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