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Remedy Talks ‘Alan Wake 2,’ Humble Bundle And Xbox 360 Sale

This is a classy move. At the Xbox One reveal Remedy unveiled their next big game, Quantum Break. It looks incredible, and while I’m always happy to get a new game from one of my favorite game developers, there was an undeniable sting of disappointment I felt when I realized this means Alan Wake 2 isn’t coming — at least not yet.

Remedy creative director Sam Lake knows we want a sequel, and in the video you can watch after the jump he discusses Alan Wake’s potential return, along with a gift from Remedy to their fans for being so understanding.

Yeah, it sucks. If it makes you feel any better, you can pay what you want for Alan Wake and American Nightmare on the Humble Bundle page. They come with exclusive content Remedy’s been sitting on for a while, so even if you own the games, they may still be worth buying again, if only to support Remedy and the charities the bundle benefits.

On XBLA, you can get Alan Wake and its arcade follow-up for $5 and $4 respectively.

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