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Review: ‘The Bounce’ #1

Potheads and superheroes. Why has no one combined these two before? Have you ever seen a superhero on weed? The Bounce #1 lights up and kicks off this new series from Joe Casey and David Messina. It’s almost timely as we see what Bouncing Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes would be like if he wasn’t chubby and living in the twenty-first century. Hmm, maybe this IS him seeing as the latest incarnation of LSH has recently been cancelled! Is writer Joe Casey that omniscient? He might be…but otherwise, this is a solid introductory issue.

ART BY: David Messina
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: 22 May 2013

Pothead Jasper Jenkins seemingly just lives on his couch, smoking up and watching the news. This cover is simple and effective. No one pays attention to what slackers do, right?

The Bounce’s first adversary, The Crunch (is that a candy-bar?), seems like a mash-up of Nightwing’s face mask, Doomsday’s arms, and Colossus’ costume with a sharper wit. Regrettable, yet he serves his purpose of showing readers how The Bounce can adapt and overcome all on-comers. More future nemeses come into the light after The Bounce’s first skirmish. It’s a nice way to lay the groundwork for more intriguing conflicts down the road. I especially like the drug dealer The Fog who is literally the drug itself. Brilliant twist, Mr. Casey.

David Messina’s art is crisp and detailed which is funny considering how fuzzy smoking joints can make a person…so I’ve been told. It reminds me of Terry Dodson’s thick lines and effective use of dark colors and space. Everyone has their own body shape, body language and facial expressions and that helps establish this new world nicely.

Getting high to get an adrenaline high from being a superhero is an interesting take on the genre. Also, waking up in a superhero city is a great tease for next issue. I’m in for another hit.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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