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‘OZombie’ Mixes Steampunk, Zombies And The Wizard Of Oz

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games, the makers of the Alice series and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters recently unveiled their next project, a zombified take on The Wizard of Oz — injected with a little steampunk, for added flavor — titled OZombie. It features Dorothy, Toto, Lion, and Tin Man, only this time the Scarecrow is a brain-loving baddie.

McGee is also interested in developing another Alice sequel, dubbed Alice: Otherlands, though which game his studio ends up working on may depend on whether or not Electronic Arts will greenlight development of Otherlands, since they own the IP. If OZombie does see the light of day, you can expect to see it on tablets, PC, Mac and Linux.

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