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‘The Last Of Us’ DLC Outlined, Includes A Single-Player Expansion

If you’re planning on getting The Last of Us, Sony has just made the Digital Edition available for pre-ordering. They’ve also revealed the game’s Season Pass, which will unlock the three downloadable content packs developer Naughty Dog will release for it. Two of the packs will add to the multiplayer, and one will contribute to the single-player campaign.

The Season Pass will cost $19.99 and along with the DLC it unlocks, you’ll also get a bevy of extras, including faster crafting, healing, and reloading. It’ll also bring with it the 90-minute Grounded doc that follows the development of The Last of Us. The game launches on June 14 for the PS3 — if you need something to tide you over until then, you should definitely watch this amazing web series inspired by the game.

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