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‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Commercial Banned In Australia

In the CG trailer for Dead Island: Riptide, a couple trapped in a wrecked boat commits suicide as a horde of zombies tries to break in. After receiving numerous complaints about the ad, the Australian Advertising Standards Board decided “the issue of suicide is a depiction of violence which is not justifiable even in the context of an advertisement for a computer game aimed at adults.” It’s now been banned from airing on television.

All Interactive Entertainment, the Australian distributor of Dead Island: Riptide, responded, saying “The first scene of the advertisement does imply the suicide of the protagonists; however this is implied rather than explicit, and is presented in a context readily recognizable as a fantasy i.e. an overwhelming zombie invasion. The scene does not imply that suicide is a viable option in a real world situation. I believe it is substantially dissociative and is unlikely to draw any parallels in the mind of anyone who has had the deep misfortune to have been affected by the suicide of a family member or friend.”

See the now banned commercial after the break.

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