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‘The Dead Linger’ Isn’t Just Another Zombie Game



Okay, yes, in a way, The Dead Linger is another zombie game. It has zombies, and your goal is to survive against them by scavenging for supplies, fortifying safe areas, and beating the unfortunate ones who come a little too close with whatever blunt instrument you have at hand.

In a new featurette, developer Sandswept Studios sheds light on the world, combat and crafting system. It’s still rough (the game is in alpha now), but the potential is definitely there. I’m especially fond of the Minecraft-like building and fortification system. For example, you can build forts and barricades out of the wood you collect from the trees you cut down. Just hold a plank of wood against an object and hammer it in. More after the break.

If The Dead Linger looks like a zombie game you think you could sink your teeth into, feel free to support it on Steam Greenlight.

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