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[Give It A Kickstart] Abby Howard’s ‘The Last Halloween’

If you’ve been watching Penny Arcade’s reality series Strip Search, Abby Howard needs no introduction. For those of you haven’t been watching, do that now. Make sure you grab a box of tissues. Whether you use it for tears or other bodily fluids, I leave up to you. Abby Howard is a one of a kind artist with a unique brand of crazy humor, and she loves horror just as much as we do (check out her web comic).

She’s just launched the Kickstarter campaign for her graphic novel, “The Last Halloween”, that follows the misadventures of Mona Merkins, an average ten year old girl, and a gang of dysfunctionally loveable monsters. The project has already surpassed it’s $9000 goal, but there are a slew of wicked backing options including an early look at the graphic novel, a spot on Abby’s “D-list”, original art prints, and plenty more.



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