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[LOL] Priests Sued After Failing To Exorcise Farting Demons

A Romanian lawyer sues his bishop and four priests claiming they failed to properly exorcise flatulent demons in his house, reports Daily Mail.

Says the site, “A Romanian lawyer is suing his local Orthodox bishop and four priests claiming they failed to properly exorcise flatulent demons that were forcing him out of his home.

Madalin Ciculescu, 34, accused the five of fraud after they turned up several times to exercise the demons which were responsible for the bad smells that were ruining his business.

He claimed that after the failed exorcism the demons even started haunting him at his home at Pitesti in Arges County in central Romania.

The four priests had all tried and failed to exorcise the demons, according to the legal papers that named bishop Constantin Argatu, even though he had not been to the property, as he was in charge of the priests who had been there.

Romanian lawyer, Madalin Ciculescu, 34, left, is suing his local Orthodox bishop, Constantin Argatu, right, and four priests claiming they failed to properly exorcise flatulent demons that were forcing him out of his home

The case has already been rejected by a lower court in Romania and was rejected again this week by the Romanian High Court, but now the businessman says he plans to go to the European Court of Human Rights.

He told the court: ‘If they (the accused) represent the way of God then God’s ways are crooked. They did not remove the demons that made these bad smells as they promised to do, and I still see all sorts of demons in the form of animals, usually crows but also other such things, that are making my life miserable.

When I am at home they switch the TV on and off all the time, they make foul smells that give me headaches and basically roam unhindered around my house and my business.

The man produced his mother to back up his claim saying that even the hair-dryer was possessed and a black shadow came out of it when anyone tried to use it – and she also said the fridge was infested by the flatulent demons that she confirmed left foul smells about the property.But the lawyer for the Archdiocese from Arges, Anton Alin, rejected the allegation of fraud saying that the exorcism had been properly carried out and they believed the allegations of further demons and more bad smells were simply a product of the man’s imagination.

The Romanian court agreed with the church and rejected the application against Bishop Argatu as well as priests Ionut Cret Ovidiu, Gheorghe Nicut, Marius Dumitrescu and Gheorghe Dunitru – and ordered Ciculescu to pay legal costs.”



  • the only thing more hilarious than this situation (and the use of the words “flatulent demons” in a serious tone) is the farting bull rocket head-butting a demon

  • flesheater24

    LMAO. that picture is a huge WTF. This story is so weird. And those pictures of the dudes are like creepy they look photoshop LOL. good times.

  • Riseuplights

    Basically this lawyer is trying to make a quick buck, or for some odd reason he is dead set on making this an international issue

  • The-Henster

    Sounds like these demons have been eating too much yak meat! There’s not a priest in the world who can do anything about that! LOL.

  • dfskelleton

    Ah, yes. I’ve had to deal with some gassy malevolent spirits before. I too sought the aid of priests, and once that didn’t work either, I became desperate, and turned to extreme measures to rid myself of the demons:
    Air fresheners.

  • DeadInHell

    The funniest part isn’t even this guy’s lunatic claims, it’s the fact that the church only NOW thinks this stuff is just part of his imagination. They were totally on board when they performed the blooming exorcism. Now that the validity of said exorcism is being questioned, the guy’s a loon. Sure.

    If you’re going to take a hard stance, you might want to pull the trigger on it BEFORE you perform a flatulence demon exorcism.

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    I imagine exorcisms don’t come cheap, I’d sue too. ‘Murica!

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