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[Freaky Fashion] This Chris Redfield Cosplay Is Spot On

Many have attempted Chris Redfield cosplay, but few have succeeded. Fewer still have succeeded as well as this guy, who looks strikingly similar to Resident Evil 5’s tank-like protagonist. The costume looks legit, as does the gear — the Hydra shotgun rocked, so I’m glad it makes an appearance here — but it’s the cosplayer who really sells it. This guy looks like Chris Redfield. Take a look after the jump.

For more of MaicouManiezzo’s work, check out his gallery.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    Everything is right… except for his face. I believe the only person who can pull off Chris Redfield 100% is Chris Rockway. He has the perfect face, perfect body to play him… Okay, I need to stop. I have a tiny obsession with Chris Redfield. Seriously, the whole time I was playing RE5, I couldn’t stop checking him out lol. Definitely my video game crush.

    • EvilDead-Deuce

      After agreeing with you that Chris Redfield is rather good looking, I googled Chris Rockway. Boy do I regret that.

      • Adam Dodd

        I’m sure you mean you regret not Googling him sooner.

        • ThunderDragoon

          XD I love you, Adam. You’re hilarious.

  • redscarlet1776

    He’s cute.

  • Maquiavel: Monsieur du safadôn

    WTF The Guy is Chris Himself

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