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Review: ‘Storm Dogs’ #6

The world of Amaranth feels the heavens and its people revolt. Twisting superstorms and alliances explode all over “Storm Dogs” #6. Is this the finale for our space murder mystery? I’m not so sure this is the end, but the cover tells me this is a six issue story.

WRITTEN BY: David Hine
ART BY: Doug Braithwaite
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: July 10th, 2013

Beautifully colored by Ulises Arreola, a deadly superstorm forces all the species on the planet’s surface to scramble to safety. Wired people and genetic clones gone psycho are the science fiction concepts showcased is this chapter. Puppet strings are pulled and ultimately cut with devastating results for some.

One character mentions that they’ve only been on Amaranth for seven days but it feels like seven months. I sympathize. These chapters have been dense and shooting a lot of ideas out onto a wide canvas. I feel like writer David Hine needs to hold onto the reins of his creation a little tighter to make it a more concise story. If this is indeed the last issue of the miniseries, it feels sudden and abrupt. It feels like a good TV show that got cancelled suddenly which is confusing for me.

Artist Doug Braithwaite does some of his best work in this issue of the series. The movement of the characters flows smoothly, all the species look unique and terrifyingly alien. The deaths are truly scarring for characters and readers alike. This contrasting dark theme and colored issue is a real explosion of mayhem and gory deaths. It feels like all the pent up action is finally let loose. The pace almost feels too fast and extras are thrown in for a curve I don’t think many saw coming.

Like I said, if this is the end of Storm Dogs, it’s a big slam on the brakes and a swerve of the wheel. As far as I can tell, Image is calling this thing “season one”, which leads me to believe that they are following the British TV model. It would be nice if they clarified this one, but it seems like the creators will get a little more road to reach the end of their tale.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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