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WHAT. THE. Kevin Smith Making ‘Human Centipede’-esque Walrus Movie…With Quentin Tarantino?!

After Red State, Kevin Smith became so popular with the horror crowd that nobody noticed his Twitter announcement that he’s returning to horror.

Last week Smith, whose obsession with Twitter borderlines uncomfortable, shared the first page of his new script entitled Tusk. The idea came into fruition during his and Scott Mosier’s “Smodcast”, and enough fans demanded to see it turned into a screenplay. Smith, who is known to work relatively quickly on his screenplays (this isn’t a good or bad thing, in my opinion, just a note that he works fast), revealed that the horror film is now in pre-production.

According to The Journalist, who we discovered this nugget of news from, Smith and Mosier initially began discussing the concept of the horror-drama as a joke during an episode of Smodcast called ‘The Walrus and The Carpenter‘ when the duo read a Gumtree advert from a man looking for a lodger that stated.

To take on the position as my lodger you must be prepared to wear the walrus suit for approximately two hours each day (in practice, this is not two hours every day – I merely state it here so you are able to have a clear idea of the workload). Whilst in the walrus costume you must be a walrus – there must be no speaking in a human voice, and any communication must entail making utterances in the voice of a walrus.

He shared a tweet that not only revealed that he sent the screenplay to “Twin Peaks” and Kill Bill star Michael Parks (who starred in Smith’s Red State), but that shooting begins on September 15.

Uproxx toughed through a Smodcast to get more information, some of which is hilarious.

Says the site, Smith announced 49 minutes into Smodcast 262 that he was already on page 70 of the script, and he was writing the part of the mad surgeon with Michael Parks in mind, calling it “Human Centipede, but with a walrus”.

At 54:30 he offers, “This is like a sister to Red State but with no politics, no religion whatsoever, but it’s just unsettling.” He then says the movie is set in the backwoods of Manitoba, with stories from Canadian history woven into it. He adds that a French Canadian police officer is looking for the kidnapped man.

Uproxx shared the funniest quote, when Smith says, “I’m not Stanley Kubrick, motherf–ker. I’m talking about making a movie with a motherf–ker in a walrus costume, man. This is all long story short of saying, like, it’s f–king crazy how close this is to being something actually good.

But it gets better.

Screen Invasion reported out of the Comic-Con panel, again, which nobody seemed noticed… He calls “the cuddly version of The Human Centipede” starring Michael Parks as the walrus enthusiast. 85 pages. He’s proud of it. It’s the kind of movie he’d go to see…and won his wife over after she read it.


Then he asked Quentin Tarantino if he’d play the role of the lodger. Sent him the script without telling him any of the details. He hasn’t heard from Quentin yet. Kevin is selling this as the most fucked-up, absurd movie ever, he told the Hall H crowd. And he’s meeting with a potential financier on Tuesday (yesterday).

I want nothing more than for this movie to get made – it’s just going to be tough to go another round with you dear Bloody Disgusting readers who are hardcore Kevin Smith fanatics. With that said, I never want a movie to be bad or fail – as a film fan, I want to have an emotional experience in the theater. Sounds like Turk could actually deliver that…



  • horrorking95

    What the?

  • Adam Dodd

    “toughed through a Smodcast,” HOW DARE YOU, SIR?

    I love me some Smodcast, and Kevin and Scott’s chats about the Walrus movie had be on the floor, ROFLcoptering.

  • Really, have you seen Red State, what a piece of shit…..and I am a Kevin Smith fan, but some people aren’t cut out to make horror.

    • Red_QuEeN

      I didn’t like Red State either. My problem with it was that it wasn’t really a horror movie. Tusk however sounds horrific. I hope this doesn’t get stuck in limbo like Hit Somebody and Clerks 3. I listened to the podcast and it starts out as a joke and gets so dark. I voted #Walrusyes. I want to see this bizarre movie.

    • Milk

      Agreed. I was looking forward to Red State the moment it was announced and I was so disappointed. It was a total pile of shit.

  • turtle_ish_nick

    RED state is incredible because it defies conventional movie writing and in an age where most filmmakers are terrified to even stick a toe past the preconceived audience expectation, its good to see real creativity. Fuck the three act outline. I applaud you smith.

    • lovezoid

      Hear hear. And John Goodman fucking blew it outta the park. The hate some people have toward the film just baffles me, it totally took me off guard and I loved it.

  • miles_sadler1

    This has caught my attention, cant wait to see where this goes!

  • ampatryn

    I made a poster for this immediately after listening to the podcast:

    • Adam Dodd

      That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.

    • Red_QuEeN

      That poster is creepy! I hope you sent it to Kevin Smith, who knows he might see it and use it as a template. Makes me wish he hadn’t changed the name, Tusk is a
      fine title but I really liked like The Walrus and the Carpenter.

  • Rj

    Only thing is kevin asked tarantino to play the sheriff, guy lapointe, not the lodger. All I gotta say is #WalrusYes!

  • mcgillj

    LOL.. Great poster and I arm loving the idea of Tarantino putting on a kitschy canuck accent. didn’t full on love Red State but Goodman and Parks were fantastic. It was just a very nice change up for Smith and really envy a full 180 on the expectations of the film. Does this mean Clerks 3 is getting put off though?

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