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11 Looks Of Terror; Jason’s Mask Throughout The Years!!!

Continuity has never been a huge concern in the Friday The 13th franchise, but I don’t hold that up as necessarily being a bad thing. If these films were concerned with logic, they’d be way less fun – so I’m happy they celebrate inconsistency from the ground up!

While many F13 films do attempt to bridge with the past in regard to Jason’s mask (that cleaver mark in the forehead being the most prevalent), others completely disregard what came before. Sometimes his mask is clean, sometimes dirty. Sometimes it’s an entirely different design! And then you have Jason Goes To Hell, what the hell is going on there?! Is his face growing around the mask?

Check out the in-sequence collection below – and see if YOU can spot all the minor differences!!!

Technically something worn to cover his visage, sort of a mask!







Seriously. It’s like his head is growing around the mask. The reverse shots are even worse, his cranium his huge! If we know one thing about Jason, it’s that he doesn’t have enough brain to warrant a head that big.



FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

Originally published July 26, 2013



  • JasonDidIt

    Jesus, it probably would have helped if you actually WATCHED these movies before writing this piece. I’ll give you part 6, because I think when Tommy was driving to the grave he was supposed to be carrying the original mask to give back to Jason–so yes, different. Kudos.

    The chunk taken out in part 7 is from the final battle scene at the end of part 6 where Jason got a boat motor to the face.

    He lost his mask near the end of part 7, so the mask in part 8 is a completely new one that he got from two kids on a yacht on Crystal Lake.

    I’m assuming that with Jason Goes to Hell he was suffering the effects of the toxic waste at the end of part 8, but that’s a stretch.

    The others you got as well. I know this was probably an off-the-cuff piece, but some research beforehand would have been appreciated.

    • EvanDickson

      @JasonDidIt LOL I have watched these movies TONS of times. Love them. That being said, I did forget about the end of part 6 and beginning of part 8. Thanks for the heads up!

    • djblack1313

      Jesus, CALM DOWN JasonDidlt!!!

  • horrorking95

    Apart from Part 2 and Jason X they all look the same apart from the odd wear and tear. I’m not keen on the bag look though, he looks a bit like the elephant man.

  • djblack1313

    IMO the only good Jasons (the way he acts, moves and looks) are part 4, part 2, the 2009 reboot and part 3 (is ok). all zombie Jasons (and their respective movies) are just god awful IMO.

  • Dear Bloody Disgusting,

    I’m not sure how you can hire/allow people to write such a sloppy piece for your website. This piece is embarrassing. I agree with JasonDidIt that you should know your movies better before you write about them. Not only is this piece juvenile and amateurish, it’s an insult to the intelligence of the horror fans and it reads like something written by a pre-schooler.

    Anyhow. The article leaves out the regular goalie mask from Jason X. Did EvanDickson actually see Jason X?

    The piece insults what I, and most fans, consider to be the best looking Jason AND mask of all time, although unfortunate he had such little screen time in Jason Goes To Hell. The mask is a faithful representation of the years of abuse Jason has suffered through and remains the most authentic in terms of showing continuity. The skin growing around the mask makes perfect sense, and is downright awesome in terms of look and design.

    This piece by EvanDickson was not written with love.

    • And I forgot to mention how sad it was that you couldn’t remember why a chunk was missing from his mask in New Blood. Really??? Come on now.

      • One last thing. It’s worth making a note that in Jason Goes To Hell the mask has the chunk missing like it did in New Blood. And as for the red markings…it would make sense to say that after all those years they simply faded away.

        • Cody Wareham

          Stretching it a little there…

  • Joe-Banger

    @Jerry Jason and all other commentators on here, A chunk missing from Jasons mask was easy to forget about. Alot changes from sequel to sequel! Get a life already!

    • EvanDickson

      @Joe-Banger @DJBlack1313 thanks guys! it’s funny, I’ve seen all of the movies multiple times – and love them. But, no, I don’t watch them every damn day haha!

      To people upset about this, I think you’re missing the spirit of the article. You’re welcome to go back and read any number of my bajillion F13 articles on the site if you doubt my love. This article isn’t NEWS – it’s fun.

      • I was more upset that you forgot the original mask from Jason X than anything else. It makes the reader think you didn’t see the movie. You could have put a little more effort into it. As for having spirit…you have to admit this piece is lacking any originality. How many times have we already compared the masks? You know it’s a slow news day when…just saying!

  • Ravinus

    But you have to admit that Jerry Jason and JasonDidit make somewhat of a point. I mean, just cuz it’s fun doesn’t mean it can’t be better informed and accurate in its presentation. Okay now, go ahead DJblack, throw you’re little hissy fit.

    • djblack1313

      Ravinus, no need to. you were polite enough in your comment. but i’m glad you’re afraid of me. you should be. remember i’m always watching this site. if i see you posting nasty comments, you are in trouble. believe.

      BTW, i’m just kidding. i had to include this because i know Ravinus gets sand in his vagina sometimes.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Haha wow. Can’t we all just get along? And admit that F13: The New Blood is completely terrible anyway, so who gives a damn…

  • mobstar67

    wow some people are so touchy….
    im gonna have to agree with djblack..the majority of these films were complete $hit.. however part 2 imo was the best of the lot..the burlap sack with the peephole ala town That Dreaded Sundown was great…
    im also a fan of the reboot…although thought it could of been better and i hope to see them get around to giving it the version it deserves..

  • It’s the principal of the matter. I’ve been a long time fan of bloody disgusting and I was disappointed to see this amateurish piece being posted. And to the dope who said get a life…I’ve actually never replied once to anything in all the years I’ve been visiting this website. I felt compelled today to respond because I don’t appreciate posers who “think” they are die hard fans. I AM A DIE HARD FAN and I will take it to heart when people can’t get their Jason facts straight. I think as a horror community you can understand that. We all get a little touchy about the movies we love! I didn’t use any foul language, I wasn’t being nasty, I was just being honest. The piece alone just reads like something from a grade schooler. I’m sorry if my honesty cannot be appreciated.

  • djblack1313

    give Evan a fucking break! his articles on this site are pretty much always great and enjoyable to read. one article that’s not perfect and some of you are imploding over it. it’s fine to be fans of something but some of you are acting like Jason V is a real person, maybe even a sibling of yours and Evan just raped & murdered him. GET OVER IT!!!! it’s a fucking movie character.

  • I never said anything about rape and murder, maybe you should take some anger management and get your head checked @djblack1313. And your writing is as amateurish as Evan’s. Jason V is a movie not a person. Jason from Part 5 is a person. Take lessons in grammar.

    • djblack1313

      rignt Jerry I should get some anger management help! lol. YOU are the one who imploded because Evan didn’t get something EXACTLY right with a move character. LOL. i love this. with each reply you just make yourself look more foolish.

      i’ll take lessons in grammar when you get professional mental help and realize your lover Jason Vorhees (see i have to spell out the entire last name since you didn’t get that i was just using the last name’s initial. reading comprehension for you, my friend) isn’t real and he never will be no matter how much you fantasize he is.
      . Evan, aren’t you glad you wrote/posted this article? LOL.

  • nofutureinthis

    Those exclamation points, man…

  • Sure djblack1313! whatever you say.

  • TwistedCritic

    Ha, reading these comments took 4x as long and was more entertaining than the article. I think the continuity between movies/masks is surprisingly solid, with the only serious missteps being the start of 6 (who knows, maybe Tommy just brought a different mask with him) and Jason Goes to Hell (maybe most of the markings did fade away as someone suggested, but that triangle above the eyes is clearly different). Then there’s FvJ but who the hell knows with that movie. But there is continuity where it mattered most (3-4, 6-7).

    • TwistedCritic

      Also if anything the Halloween series fumbled the ball more – you could do a whole article on the different masks in H20 alone.

  • Ravinus

    Evan, you should really consider upgrading your watchdog. DJLack is a pest. And, he thinks people fear him? That pretty much sums it all up.

  • Spike0037

    @EvanDickson the reason the the head is growing around the mask is very simple. Jason is always in water. When a body is in water it will blot. simple there you go.

  • lion7718

    I always thought the mask in Jason X was cool.

  • J Jett

    part 4’s Jason is my fave (masked or unmasked). 2nd fave is 2009’s Derek Mears incarnation of the character. he looked awesome in the mask but i especially loved the “bag head” look in that movie. it’s still confounding why the reboot didn’t have a big dramatic unmasking reveal (where it shows Jason’s face). every other F13 film has had one and the way they kinda sorta not really reveal (lightning quick) his face in the reboot was the definition of anti-climactic.

    • part6productions

      Part 6 didn’t

      • J Jett

        part6productions, PART 6 didn’t have a face reveal? i have only watched that film once (i really dislike it). i can barely remember it. that’s weird it didn’t do a mask removal/face reveal scene. thanx for clarifying for me! 🙂

        • diapers

          My memory is hazy, but didn’t we get to briefly see his face during the beginning opening grave scene?

          • VictorCrowley

            Yes. Clear face reveal before he puts the mask on. He is mask-less during the entire sequence of him getting struck by lightning and coming out of the grave. Best shot is right when he’s turning around to do Kano’s heart-rip on Hawes after getting the shovel broke across the back of his head. Very clear face shot.

        • amp69

          Part 6 is actually a good entry in the series – it was Scream before there was a Scream.

        • Cole Juntila

          Part 6 is the best of the series IMO

  • part6productions

    Part 7 is hands down the best looking Jason.

    As far as the different looks go, I like to consider myself an expert. I can tell all of them apart without hesitation.

    • Brandon

      Without a doubt! Zombie Jason.

  • REC03

    am i the only one who hates Jason’s entire look in Freddy vs. Jason? he just looks really sad and i want to give him a hug tbh. that might not go over so well though. as far as looks part 2, 4, 7, 8 and the remake all look great to me.

  • diapers

    I only take exception to Uber Jason in Part X, as well as the mask in Jason Goes to Hell, where his mask is too small and round, and sort of looks like a smiley face.

  • huntermc

    How about a follow up article, showing Jason’s face revealed in each of the movies where it was shown?

  • VictorCrowley

    Part 4 will always be the one for me. Love the weathering, damage, and blood from the hatchet he took to the head in Part 3. It’s all just enough to give him a super pissed off look and the only mask the comes across as genuinely scary to me. Least favorite (outside of Uber Jason which I don’t really even count) is Part VIII. Hate the chevrons pointing outward instead of in. Almost looks like Jason is smiling or something. Part 5 is pretty lame as well, but since it isn’t actually Jason, can’t really count that one either. I do like the mask the real Jason is wearing during the dream/hallucination sequences that Tommy Jarvis has though. I believe they call it the “Dreamer”.

  • Jason looked great in “FVJ” to be honest. By far my most favourite Jason appearance. He looked like a total badass ^_^

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      I agree. While that movie was not a great movie, I saw it in the theater, and it was a helluva lot of fun to watch with a crowd.

  • brewers_rule

    I know a lot of people were down on Jason X but I always loved it. Total camp & predictable gore but the designs were pretty cool.

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