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In ‘7 Days To Die’ You Can Play In A Survival Horror Sandbox

In the indie horror game 7 Days to Die — no relation to The Ring — your sole mission is to survive in a massive world brimming with the undead. It’s a sandbox survival horror game with elements of RPGs, stealth, tower defense, and Minecraft thrown in. There’s looting, mining crafting, skill trees, a deep arsenal of weapons and a variety of enemies to use them on.

You can create your own worlds, share them with your friends, or for lazier games such as myself, you’re free to join worlds crafted by others. If you still aren’t excited for this, see it in action after the jump.

Pretty cool, eh? This is what I love about indie games. You’d never see something like this from Electronic Arts or Activision, because it’s just too much fun. If 7 Days to Die looks like a game you’d like to play, you can help it get distribution on Steam by supporting its Greenlight page, or you can donate to its Kickstarter campaign.

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