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Next-Gen ‘Tomb Raider’ Sequel “Well Into Development”

This news is about as surprising as the recent revelation that we’ll soon be seeing another Mortal Kombat, but it’s good news, and I like covering good news, so I’m all for chatting about another Tomb Raider game and the myriad ways we can look forward to seeing Lara Craft die.

I’ve played a lot of mature video games in my days, but there were some deaths in the last game that made me super uncomfortable. One thing’s for certain, I will never go white water rafting again. River’s are super dangerous, man.

Since this next-gen Tomb Raider game has been confirmed, and it’s already “well into development,” I’d like to give Square Enix two bits of advice. First, give us some single-player DLC. There’s little longevity in the multiplayer offering, and I would’ve loved to have a reason to return to the game for some more single-player action. Secondly, lower your expectations. When a game sees universal critical acclaim, sells well over three million units and you consider that a failure, something is horribly wrong with your business.

Oh, and bring back the bow. In fact, give me a bow-only mode. Yeah…

What would you like to see from a next-gen Tomb Raider sequel?

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