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Multiple Sources Confirm ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ Leak Is Real

Multiple anonymous sources have confirmed to Rock Paper Shotgun that Left 4 Dead 3, which was spotted in an internal changelog during a recent tour of Valve’s Bellevue-based office, is in fact the real deal. It’s not all that surprising, seeing as Valve would have to be insane to not make another game in a series that’s sold well over twelve million copies. Even still, it feels good to get some confirmation on the rumor, even if they’re of the anonymous variety.

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    EEEEEEE! *Fangril squee commence**Ahem* Sorry about that. YES! I am so excited to hear more and more things confirming the existence of Left 4 Dead 3! The first 2 games gave me some of the best experiences with a multiplayer game I’ve ever had, from being able to kill zombies with my mom, to allowing me to meet some of my best friends that I would have never met otherwise. Now I can rub it in the face of everyone who argued with me that it’s not Half-Life 3, IT’S LEFT 4 DEAD 3!!! WOOOO! I couldn’t be more happy!

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