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Microsoft Unboxes An Xbox One, Now With Headset



Whereas Microsoft’s other Xbox One-80s have been deafening changes in policy requiring much media attention, they’ve decided to quietly announce that the Xbox One will now ship with a headset, after confirming it wouldn’t in June. Thank god. I have no doubt the Kinect is a powerful and thoroughly impressive piece of technology, but relying on it for voice chat would’ve been a disaster.

Now that I no longer have to worry about everything the Kinect picks up in each player’s room while unleashing zesty Adam flavored fury in Halo 4, I’m a wee bit more excited to get my hands on the Xbox One.

Watch as Xbox Live’s Major Nelson unboxes one of the first Xbox One consoles to leave the production line, after the jump.

Here’s a closer look at the headset that now comes with the console and the controller.

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