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[Random Cool] What Would NECA’s 8-Bit Michael Myers and Leatherface Look Like?

The kids over at Freddy in Space got creative over the weekend, imagining if NECA continues forth with their 8-bit figures.

This July’s Comic-Con was overshadowed by NECA’s incredible, exclusive 8-bit Jason Voorhees, which came boxed in what looked like the original NES packaging. It’s one of the coolest figures of all-time.

Just last week NECA revealed that this November we’ll be getting an 8-bit Freddy Krueger, based on the 1989 NES A Nightmare on Elm Street game, too.

One of the aforementioned blog’s writers had a little fun with photoshopped and imagined an 8-bit Leatherface from Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as Michael Myers from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Dig the images below!




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