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‘Fran Bow’ Moves To Steam Greenlight After Successful Funding Campaign

The fantastically creepy indie horror game Fran Bow has successfully reached its funding goal on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo with well over a week to spare. Its developer, the husband and wife team that is Killmonday Games hasn’t mentioned any possible stretch goals, so the money accrued over the remaining nine days may just be bonus money for the talented indie developer to use for added polish.

I recently played the Fran Bow demo and found it to be a delightfully twisted little game with a quirky art style and a wonderfully dark sense of humor — you can watch me play a portion of it after the jump.

In related news, Fran Bow has officially transitioned to Steam Greenlight as a game, where it was previously a game concept. This means it can now work toward distribution on the platform, assuming it can find the votes required for approval from Valve. That shouldn’t be a problem for them.

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