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[Gamescom 2013] ‘Infamous: Second Son’ Gets A Shocking New Trailer

I’m a definite fan of the Infamous games, partly because of how fun developer Sucker Punch made getting around the world. Gliding from one building to the next and surfing power lines in the first two games never stopped being fun, then in Festival of Blood you could actually explode into a swarm of bats and fly around the world.

In Infamous: Second Son, we get to step into the stylish boots of a new super-powered protagonist, Delsin Rowe, who comes armed with smokey powers that look just as fun to cause chaos with. Some of these new abilities were shown off in a new Second Son trailer that just surfaced from Gamescom, which you can find after the jump.

Infamous: Second Son launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in February 2014.

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