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[Exclusive] ‘Saw’ And ‘Insidious’ Writer Leigh Whannell’s Sci-Fi Movie Gets A Title And Directors!!

Drew Turney writes in:

While he was promoting the eagerly anticipated Insidious: Chapter 2 (releasing September 13), writer/co-star Leigh Whannell spilt some details on his upcoming sci-fi film.

Back when the first Insidious was released in 2010, Whannell and director James Wan talked about an unnamed sci-fi project, but it’s easy to forget that at the time, things weren’t going exactly swimmingly for the filmmakers. After the phenomenon that became the Saw franchise, their next few efforts (Dead Silence, Death Sentence) spluttered.

But with Insidious returning $50m from a $1.5m budget and Wan’s The Conjuring having raced past many a $200-million blockbuster at the box office (not to mention taking the reigns of the mega-budgeted Fast and the Furious franchise), the creative duo are in a very different place.

Now, Whannell reveals that his sci-fi project is gathering steam. It’s been written, has directors attached and he hopes to get it made in 2014. It’s called Stem and the Spierig Brothers [the twin brother team behind 2004’s Undead and 2009’s Daybreakers] are attached to direct. This is how Whannell describes the story, while cautiously reminding us that it’s ‘early days’. “It’s a sci-fi film in the vein of the Terminator, set in the near future. At the moment it’s got the Spierig brothers attached to direct, so we might shoot it in Australia and make it kind of an Aussie genre dream team.



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